VISITOR (2021) Preview of paranormal horror



Visitor is a 2021 paranormal horror film about a young woman who returns to her family home and encounters an entity from another reality.

Written and directed by Alberto Evangelio, making his feature directorial debut, from a story co-written with Marcos Gisbert.

Produced by Javier Abinzano, Alberto Evangelio, Sebastian Mery, J. Prada, K. Prada and José Alberto Sánchez.

The Spanish-Catalan production stars Jan Cornet, Sandra Cervera, Iria del Rio, Miquel Fernández and Pep Ricart.


Marga (Iria del Río) lost her sister in a tragic accident when they were both children. Years later, Marga is having relationship problems. So she decides to get some space and visit the old family home. But strange things start happening, and she discovers a portal to another reality, one where her sister is alive and grown-up.

In that parallel dimension, her sister and her other self warn Marga that something terrible is about to happen, but who can she trust…

Director’s statement:

Alberto Evangelio has stated: “What starts off as an intimist story, soon turns into a fantastic thriller. Fear takes on several faces throughout the story and the rhythm and tension steadily increase as we reach the final climax, where the movie takes a dramatic turn.”


Visitor will have its premiere at the Sitges Film Festival on October 7, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Sandra Cervera … Diana
Jan Cornet … Carlos
Iria del Río … Marga
Miquel Fernández … Daniel
Pep Ricart … Aureli
Inma Sancho … Olga
Carles Sanjaime … Joaquim

Technical details:

99 minutes

Original title:



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