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‘The forest speaks back’

Myth: Bigfoot Hunters is a 2021 mystery horror film about a group of park rangers in search of two missing EPA agents in the forest. They discover they are not alone when they encounter Sasquatch.

Written, produced and directed by Brando Snider, making his feature debut.

The American Pink Elephant-Red Bridge Pictures co-production stars Jack Rooney, Alexa Raye, Alex Marshall, Hauke Bahr, David Briggs, Bryan Patrick McCulley, John Francis, Cindy Maples (The Black Book; Homecoming Massacre; 10/31) and W.E. Walker Jr.


” …as the film continued on, the standout things that bothered me, I began to accept. And enjoy. These “heroes” move slow, talk slow and are about as far from “movie” characters as can be. But I started to like the leisurely pace and scenery as these laid back characters are pursued by Bigfoot.” Chris Brown

“The storyline in Myth: Bigfoot Hunters was pretty straightforward, though it was so simplistic that the movie requires very little attention to keep up with it. Which made for a predictable and generic movie at best. Visually then I will say that Myth: Bigfoot Hunters wasn’t bad. Sure, it wasn’t top of the line Hollywood special effects and such, but it was good enough…” Paul Haakonsen


“What we do see of Bigfoot looks decent enough, covered in long, coarse silver-grey fur. We never see its face though […] By the end, so little was explained and there were so many things left hanging that, along with its hour-long running time, Myth: Bigfoot Hunters feels like it was intended to be the first episode of a YouTube series.” Voices from the Balcony





Myth: Bigfoot Hunters is being distributed by Green Apple Entertainment and is available to rent or buy via Amazon.

Cast and characters:

Jack Rooney … Jack Taggard
Alexa Raye … Bailey Travis
Alex Marshall … Shikoba
Hauke Bahr … Devin
David Briggs … General Travis
Bryan Patrick McCulley … David
John Francis … John Pike
Cindy Maples … Jack’s Wife
W.E. Walker Jr. … Topper
Jake Amrhein … Billy
Nick Hein … Bokwo
Lec Zorn … Agent Triad
Lloyd Hyderkhan … Frank Standing Rock

Technical details:

60 minutes

Filming locations:

Greenwood, Indiana

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