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‘Love is not what it looks like…’

Ankle Biters is a 2021 comedy horror film about four little girls who plot to murder a hockey player who has been making love to their mom; they mistake the couple’s carnal activities for an attack on their mom. Originally known as Cherrypicker

Written and directed by Bennet De Brabandere from a story co-written with Zion Forrest Lee.

The Canadian B Plus Films-Flax Films co-production stars Zion Forrest Lee, Marianthi Evans, Colin Mochrie and Matia Jackett.


[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“This one was a wild ride seeing how far they went to protect their mother from Sean. These little girls coming up with the plot on the spot to hurt who they had too was unreal. The mind of a child is vast and this film drove into it. I give this one an 8 out of 10, great story, and the girls did a fantastic job playing the parts they did.” Drop the Spotlight

Ankle Biters is a pleasant mix of horror and dark comedy that keeps you on your toes as the kids wage war on their mom’s boyfriend who has a vicious streak himself. While the kids are deranged, they are also clever and all four young actresses do a fantastic job of playing convincing budding killers.” Horror Fuel

“The cinematography from Carl Ester (A Northern Song) is solid […] The final act, too… the climax to the movie, is a butt-load of wacky fun. I think there are some pretty significant issues with Ankle Biters, but there’s enough good stuff going on to make it worth dealing with them. Maybe give it a shot, but be willing to take the poor bits with the good.” Nerdly


Ankle Biters was released online in Poland on September 25, 2021.

In the USA, Ankle Biters was released On-Demand and DVD by Dark Star Pictures on November 16th 2021.

Main cast and characters:

Zion Forrest Lee … Sean Chase (as Zion Forest Lee)
Marianthi Evans … Laura Haywood
Colin Mochrie … Detective Morton
Matia Jackett … Matia Gaddis
Lily Gail Reid … Lily
Alex Gordon … Officer Angela Taylor
Heidi von Palleske … Talkshow Host
Ryan Long … Male Passerby
Michael Copeman … Mr Chase
Evert Houston … Louis
Dominique Brownes … Bartender
Peter Schoelier … Mortician
Jani Lauzon … Mrs Chase
Brendan J. Rowland … Hockey Player 2
Kelsey Klippenstein … Nail Tech 2
Tracey Beltrano … Reporter

Technical details:

91 minutes


Filmed in 2019.

Not to be confused with Ankle Biters (2002), written, directed by and starring Adam Minarovich.


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