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‘The surgeon will slay you now’

Doctor Carver is a 2021 horror film about four young women seeking perfection via an unbelievable offer of free plastic surgery. Unfortunately, when they conjure a demonic plastic surgeon, they soon realise that no surgery comes without a price.

Directed by Louisa Warren (Crooked Man; Legend of the Lizard ManThe Leprechaun’s GameVirtual Death MatchCurse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay co-written with Shannon Holiday (Monsters of War; Rise of the Mummy; Bride of Scarecrow; The House on Elm Lake).

Produced by Scott Jeffrey (The MutationBad Nun: Deadly VowsDon’t SpeakCupidClownDoll) and Louisa Warren.

The British Champdog Films production stars Chelsea Greenwood (Amityville Scarecrow; Dragon Fury; Bad Nun: Deadly VowsReturn of the Tooth Fairy), Danielle Scott (PterodactylThe Curse of Humpty DumptySpider in the Attic), Amanda-Jade Tyler (The Mutation; Hatched; Conjuring the Genie; Bats; Medusa), Sofia Lacey (Summoning Bloody Mary; The Legend of Jack and Jill; Dragon Fury; Girl Next).



” …sees Warren tackle themes of online bullying, sexual harassment, body image, botched plastic surgery operations and the rotten underbelly of the fashion industry. At the same time, Doctor Carver doesn’t lose sight of the fact that it is fundamentally a horror film, and avoids falling into the modern genre film trap of being a moral lecture first and entertainment a very distant second.” Gav Crimson

“Much like The Curse of Humpty Dumpty, which was also produced by Scott Jeffrey, Doctor Carver is both a great horror movie and a brilliant metaphor – touching on the desire to fulfil ones own wants and needs; the pressure to conform to societies vision of beauty; and the very selfish nature of modern society – all wrapped up in director Louisa Warren’s best work to date.” Nerdly


Doctor Carver is available to rent or buy via Amazon Prime in a longer, more violent version.

Cast and characters:

Chelsea Greenwood … Tonya Chambers
Danielle Scott … Alexa Mountview
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Belle
Sofia Lacey … Pepper (as Alex Lacey)
Julia Quayle … Dina
Andrea Richardson … Donna
Zuza Tehanu … Plastic Surgeon
Mia Blackman … Sonny
Ricardo Freitas … Andy
Shawn C. Phillips … YouTuber

Technical details:

87 minutes

Original title:

Conjuring the Plastic Surgeon

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