CHILDREN OF SIN (2022) Preview of religious repression horror with trailer



‘Welcome to Abraham House!’

Children of Sin is a 2022 American horror film about two siblings who are sent to a sinister religious retreat by their stepfather.

Produced, written and directed by Christopher Wesley Moore (A Stranger Among the Living; The House of Covered MirrorsTriggeredBlessed Are the Children).

The CWM Entertainment production stars Meredith Mohler (Triggered), Lewis Hines (Boots and Trenches) and Jo-Ann Robinson (We Have a Ghost; Shapeless; Darlin’; Malicious; The Devil’s Dolls; Scalps).



Emma, a pregnant teenager, and Jackson, her gay brother, are sent to Abraham House – a secluded religious retreat for young adults – by their abusive stepfather to rid them of their sinning ways.


Soon, they start to suspect that Abraham House has a more sinister way of cleansing their souls than they could have ever imagined. For Abraham House has a motto – if you don’t leave a different person, you won’t be leaving at all…


Children of Sin is currently in post-production with a planned early 2022 release.

Cast and characters:

Jo-Ann Robinson … Mary Esther
Meredith Mohler … Emma
Christopher Wesley Moore … Hank
Faith Stanley … Megan
Cami Roebuck … Kris
Jeff Buchwald … Robbie
George Mayronne … Mason
Ana-Claire Henley … Rebecca
Keni Bounds … Tammy
Will Lovorn … Andrew Aiken
Lewis Hines … Jackson
Jacob Thomas … Joel


Some image credits: Horror Society

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