THE LAST GHOSTHUNTERS (2021) Reviews and trailer



The Last Ghosthunters is a 2021 American horror film about a team of paranormal investigators searching an old abandoned home. They hope to solve the mystery of its missing inhabitants but soon discover spirit activity much stronger than anticipated and are unavoidably drawn into the evil that awaits…

Written, directed and edited by Dan T. Hall (Scaler: Dark Spirit; Asylum, the Lost Footage; Ghostville; The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm).

The movie stars Moli Hall, Amelia Wray, Leanne Johnson, Mitchell Wray and Julie Powers.



“The line deliveries are either rushed or overacted and awkward, and there were one too many shots of people being dragged away dramatically meanwhile the movie itself never quite hit a satisfying level of intensity or terror; however despite the curiously missing horror for there being serial killers and ghosts about, I will say that the editing is quite good and the many shots kept the film at an even pace.” Horror Buzz

Cast and characters:

Moli Hall … Faith
Amelia Wray … Camile
Leanne Johnson … Allyson
Mitchell Wray … Jason
Julie Powers … Carey Grant
Dennis Crosswhite … Sheriff Truman
Harper Taylor … Paige
Logan Moore … Erol Flynn
Ransom Pugh … Mitch
Vonda Fuhrmann … Clara Vouite
Ricardo Montelegro … Gas Mask Spirit
Erik Biggers … William Barr
Alexander D. Hall … Adam Swift (as Alexander T. Hall)
Kelly McKinney … Kelley
Alberta Mial … Silvia Tyler

Original title:

Greek Fire: Demon Spirit


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