HAUNTED TRAIL (2021) Reviews of Black slasher horror


Haunted Trail is a 2021 American slasher horror film about a group of college friends who receive the surprise of their lives. Unfortunately, they discover there is an actual killer on the scene of a local haunted trail.

Directed by Robin Givens (The Jenkins Family Christmas; Favorite Son; Ann Rule’s A Murder to Remember) from a screenplay co-written by Raven Magwood and Paul Lindsay, based on Magwood’s story. Produced by Raven Magwood, Jock McKissic and Tery Wilson.




Notable dialogue:

Zay [Desi Banks]: “This is what I’m talking about right here. White people sh#t. White people f#ckin’ sh#t, man!”


Cast and characters (in credits order):

Desi Banks … Zay Michaels
Marquise C. Brown … Jackie
Brook Sill … Amy
Raven Magwood … Portia
Reggie Couz … Austin
Chikako Fukuyama … Sarah
Matt William Knowles … Mark
Travis LaBranch … Andre

Technical details:

80 minutes


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 reviews on IMDb.


MOVIES and MANIA says:

The painfully overdone dialogue and the clichéd depiction of the male leads – Desi Banks’ character is pretty irritating – may lead many to bale out early on Haunted Trail. But those that hang on may appreciate the fairly effective and atmospheric ‘haunt’ setting (there are a lot worse in low-budget movies).

Once the killings begin there are a few nicely-lit sequences that are staged well enough to perhaps make this worth a watch despite a rather predictable end reveal. This is not a recommendation but Haunted Trail is certainly not as bad as it initially seems if you can get past the aforementioned blandly stereotyped black guys.

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