Amityville Shark House is a 2022 American horror film that somehow involves a shark and a house in Amityville! A plot synopsis is currently unavailable…

Directed by Will Collazo Jr. (Bloody Nun 2: The CurseBloody Nun; Faces of the Dead and sequel segment director; Theater of Horror) and Shawn C. Phillips (director of Amityville Bigfoot; Amityville Karen; Scream Bloody Murder, actor in masses of movies) from a screenplay co-written with Julie Anne Prescott and Kenneth Ramone.

Produced by Ron Bonk (director of House Shark), Will Collazo Jr., Shawn C. Phillips, Julie Anne Prescott and Charles Solomon Jr.

The Cult Cinema-SRS Cinema co-production stars Gigi Gustin, Niko El Santo Zavero, Shawn C. Phillips, Julie Anne Prescott, Dustin Clingan, Elizabeth Noelle Japhet, Tim Dougherty, Stephen Wu and G. Larry Butler.


Amityville Shark House is currently in post-production.

Cast and characters:

Gigi Gustin … Jessica
Niko El Santo Zavero … Joey
Shawn C. Phillips
Julie Anne Prescott
Dustin Clingan … Jasper Knight
Elizabeth Noelle Japhet
Tim Dougherty
Stephen Wu
G. Larry Butler … Bishop McKinney
Michael Novelli
Tasha Tacosa … Sheri
Lisa Bagby
Darren Barcomb … Pastor Ray
Maritza Brikisak … Esmeralda
Tom Harold Batchelder
Bryant Smith
Auzi Capri … Zeke
David Perry … Mr Jones
Sam Vanivray … Orderly
Carl J Grasso … Bruno
Jamie Snowden … Doctor
Matt Bruzzio … Alistair
David Rodriguez … Hospital Orderly
Jamie Snowden … Dr Peterson


The makers of Amityville Shark have raised over $33,000 via a flexible goal IndieGoGo campaign.

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There is currently no trailer available for Amityville Shark. Please bookmark this website and return again soon for updated production news and details.



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