RED 11 (2021) Reviews and overview of Robert Rodriguez back-to-basics movie


Red 11 is a 2019 science fiction horror film based on the research hospital where Robert Rodriguez sold his body to pay for El Mariachi.

Directed by Robert Rodriguez from a screenplay co-written with Racer Rodriguez.

The project began as a teaching tool for a masterclass. Rodriguez apparently kept to a $7,000 budget to match his self-made debut El Mariachi (1992), with no crew except for one assistant (his son and co-scriptwriter, Racer Rodriguez) and a two-week shoot. The film forms a companion to the docuseries Rebel Without a Crew: The Robert Rodriguez Film School.



“Without using all of their current resources and finances, and having strict rules in place to follow for their budget and allowances, the father-son duo – against all odds – effectively heighten adrenaline and simultaneously create a level of intrigue in Red 11. Never did I experience a moment of boredom, partly due to the cleverly shocking stunts, but also thanks to the supporting cast.” The Hollywood Outsider

” …a mess of half-baked ideas and set pieces whose purpose is to provide examples of what can be done on a low budget with technical creativity, rather than furthering any discernible plot. It’s a pity because the initial high concept is promising, but ideas are disposable as Rodriguez uses scenes to show how to provoke a jump-scare, or how to use sound effects and quick cutting to cover a multitude of cinematic sins. The humour mostly works…” Sight & Sound


Cast and characters (in credits order):

Roby Attal … Rob
Lauren Hatfield
Carlos Gallardo … Camacho
Pierce Bailey … Spoiler
Steve Brudniak … Head Doc
Natan Cruz … Natan Camacho
Jasmine de la Rosa … Jasmine Camacho (as Jasmine Balais)
Eman Esfandi … Funny Guy
Harold Nieves Fisch … Vomit Guy (as Harold Fisch)
Michael Fischer … Movie Guy
Michael L Garcia Jr. … The Henchman
Katherine Harris … Vampira (as Katy Harris)
Brently Heilbron … Doc Sock
Drew Law … Toothpaste Guy
Jesse Lucio … Henchmen
Josiah Missick … Patient
Ulysses Montoya … James
Fernanda Moya … Magenta 4
Alejandro Rose-Garcia … Score
Lexter Santana … Patient (as Lexter Rivera-Santana)
Elizabeth Trieu … Heart Tech
John Valley … Reedy Tech
Andre Williams … Patient
Katherine Willis … Administrator Willis


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