THE DARKNESS OUTSIDE (2021) Preview of mystery horror



The Darkness Outside is a 2021 American horror film about what happens when a young girl mysteriously disappears from her room one night.

Written, directed by Ryan Callaway (One Winter Night; The Demon’s WaltzMessenger of WrathThe Yearly HarvestThe Girl in the Cornfield and sequel),

The Shady Dawn Pictures production also stars Breanna Engle, Haley Walter, Macy Rubin, Jenna Elise, Briana Aceti and Hannah Brahney.


One night, eight-year-old Briana vanishes from her bedroom without a trace. Her aunt Madeline and others involved in the ensuing search fall into harm’s way as the mysterious forces behind Briana’s disappearance are revealed…


Release date:

December 20th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Briana Aceti … Detective Lynn
Ryan Callaway … Detective Brown
Breanna Engle … Madeline Tanner
Jenna Elise … Sarah Tanner
Macy Rubin … Briana Tanner
Hannah Brahney … Hannah
Hiram Ortiz … Doctor Chuck Missler
Brianna Hauser … Isabel
Tiffany Browne-Tavarez … Jessica Carlson
Haley Walter … Laura Leeds
Meghan Lovelace … Jena Miller
Saulo Guimaraes … Greg
Robert Nicholson … Arnold Palmer

Filming locations:

New Jersey

Technical details:

106 minutes


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