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Jurassic Attack is a 2013 science fiction action monster movie about soldiers attempting to rescue a hostage from a terrorist warlord; they crash land into a jungle inhabited by prehistoric-age creatures. Also known as Rise of the Dinosaurs

Directed by Anthony Fankhauser (Grizzly Flats; 8213: Gacy House; 2012: Supernova; Tsunami Beach Club) from a screenplay written by Rafael Jordan (Cowboys vs Dinosaurs; Poseidon Rex; Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gators; Dragon Wasps; Frost Giant; Copperhead; Yeti).

Produced by Anthony Fankhauser, J.J. Kim and Ari Novak. Executive produced by Jeff Goldman and Mark L. Lester.

The Little Dragon Productions movie stars Gary Stretch, Corin Nemec, Vernon Wells, Michael Worth, Natascha Berg, Alicia Ziegler and Israel Sáez de Miguel.

” …very far from perfect, what with the annoying human villain, mostly-terrible acting, and really badly-integrated CGI effects, but good lord it’s still a hell of a lot of fun for those who just wanna see mindless army soldiers vs dinosaurs in a lost jungle popcorn B-movie, of which this movie has plenty of entertaining scenes of…” The B-Movie Shelf

“If you enjoy the Sharknado movies chances are you’ll enjoy this one, if you don’t enjoy the Sharknado movies you’ll probably want to steer clear […] Corin Nemec and Vernon Wells were quality cast members but they were limited in how much they could add to the film given the placement of their characters in the plot.” Bulletproof Action


“If we can overlook the cheesiness, crappy dialogue, and some truly idiotic scenes […], there’s still one major problem that ruins the film, and that is CGI dinosaurs. By themselves, they look rather cool, the awfulness starts when they begin attacking soldiers. It looks cartoonish, lame, and not funny.” BZ Film

Jurassic Attack is cheesy, silly, at times the epitome of camp. None of the militants have much aim, and the dino creatures don’t run from a hail of bullets. The dinosaurs are a times poorly rendered, but no worse than most other movies from companies like The Asylum. The main problem I had was that the dialogue is woefully bad, and not in a cool Evil Dead way.” Dan’s Movie Report


” …a fairly terrible movie […] The narrative is haphazard and slapdash, the acting ranges from tolerable to atrocious, the pacing is erratic and the CGI is suspect. Now the CGI dinosaurs themselves weren’t so bad, except when the dino’s were required to eat people then the  CGI inconsistencies reared their ugly head with a fierceness…” Film Critics United

” …what you get is about eighty minutes of mildly entertaining but ultimately forgettable mush which will no doubt be reheated and reserved under the guise of another dino romp in the future. Jurassic Attack isn’t SyFy’s worst outing but it’s not exactly recommended viewing.” Popcorn Pictures

“Efficiently directed by Fankhauser and making good use of Belize’s luscious green foliage, Jurassic Attack is a frothy, jungle-set adventure with plenty of dinosaur action. The plot is piffle and rote but pleasingly so…” The Schlock Pit



Choice dialogue:
Captain John Steakley: “I’ll be damned.”

Cast and characters (in credits order):
Gary Stretch … Captain John Steakley
Corin Nemec … Colonel Carter
Vernon Wells … Agent Grimaldi
Michael Worth … Professor Malcolm Roxton
Natascha Berg … Angeles Ibanez
Alicia Ziegler … Sarah Haldeman
Israel Sáez de Miguel … Marquez
Rachel Riley … Soldier #1
Jordan Lawson … Soldier #2
Chris Gabriel … Soldier #3
Jeff Leroy … Soldier #4
Bryan K. Brown … Solider #5
Adrian Clissold … Dillinger
Philip Coc … Flores
Ganney Dortch … Nuemeir
Aaron Erskine … Potter
John Frear … Hudson
Stevie Hack … Crow
Kameisha Harris … Felix
Adran Ramirez … Edwards
Berne Velasquez … Tank
Jason Taylor … Rico
Sean Smithson … Operative

Filming locations:

Technical details:
1 hour 23 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Full film free to watch on YouTube:

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