MEGABOA (2021) Reviews of The Asylum’s latest monster movie

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’50 feet. Ready to eat.’

Megaboa is a 2021 American monster movie about a group of college students being hunted by a massive boa constrictor snake.

Directed by Mario N. Bonassin (Alien Conquest) from a screenplay written by Alex Heerman (Airliner Sky Battle). Co-produced by David Michael Latt and Paul Bales. Executive produced by David Rimawi.

The Emerald City Films-Atomic Blonde Entertainment production stars Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight and many, many other movies); Joe Herrera (Inheritance; Psycho Sisters; Don’t Panic), Emilia Torello (Mr Mercedes series), Michelle Elizabeth O’Shea (Godforsaken; Destruction Los Angeles), Ray Acevedo (American Sicario), Jadon Cal (Stream; Last of the Grads), Sharon Desiree (Devil’s Triangle; Planet Dune; Monster Hunters; Apocalypse of Ice), Michael DeVorzon (Fast and Fierce: Death Race), Garrett Schulte and Vimala Veera.


On a trip to Colombia, a group of college students head into the rainforest to look for cave drawings. Unfortunately, a once thought to be extinct fifty-foot boa constrictor snake is out lurking in the brush, hungry for blood…


There’s definitely entertainment value caused by the horrible acting and the terrible script. The CGI is surprisingly good but that alone can’t carry the story from being totally absurd […]
But it’s a fun movie if you can keep your distance from it and don’t take it too seriously.” Active Context

“So, you know, Megaboa is not a good movie. It moves too slow, there was not enough boa or flaming spider action and is basically an 80-minute nature walk. But they at least did jam up the last ten minutes with plenty of suspect action and we appreciate that.” Film Critics United

“Strictly for those die-hards of a disposition to enjoy snake thrills (also some spider thrills). Don’t look for subtlety or nuance, just lots of schlock snake fun.” Johmurra

“The CGI snake isn’t the worst […] and it’s better than most of the recent Chinese films on the subject, especially Snake: Fall of a City. The horde of little spiders we see in the cave look like windup toys in some scenes […] The film’s final battle is a bit of a disappointment and was done better in one of the Sharknado films […] While far from awful, and better than a lot of other Asylum films, Megaboa isn’t really a good film either.” Voices from the Balcony


In the USA, Megaboa is released theatrically by The Asylum for one week, from December 31st through January 6th, in five locations:

Atlanta, GA: Area 51’s Aurora Cineplex
Cleveland, OH: Hickory Ridge Cinemas
Los Angeles, CA: Laemmle Glendale
Miami, FL: O Cinema South Beach
Minneapolis, MN: Trylon Cinema

The movie will be released On-Demand on January 6th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Eric Roberts … Doctor Malone, anthropologist
Emilia Torello … Grace
Joe Herrera … Joaquin
Michelle Elizabeth O’Shea … Allison
Ray Acevedo … Rex
Jadon Cal … Jason
Sharon Desiree … Rita
Michael DeVorzon … Jake
Garrett Schulte … Adam
Vimala Veera … Benji

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

85 minutes

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Fun facts:

Unlike the snake shown on the poster for Megaboa, real-life boa constrictors do not have two long frontal fangs.


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