LOVE HURTS aka MOST HORRIBLE THINGS (2022) Reviews plus UK release news

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‘Let the horror begin’
Love Hurts is a 2022 American horror film about six young couples invited to a romantic get together which turns into a deadly survival game. Also known as Most Horrible Things

Directed by Hiroshi Katagiri (Gehenna: Where Death Lives) from a screenplay co-written by Aviva Dove-Viebahn and Brittany Fonte. Produced by Andrei Dunca.

The Sean Sprawling production stars Sean Patrick Flanery (Assault on VA-33; Acceleration; High Moon; Lasso; Mongolian Death Worm), Natalie Burn, Simon Phillips, Andrés Erickson, Sean Sprawling and Rich Paul (Incarnation).

Looking forward to a once-in-a-life experience on the most romantic night of the year, six single twenty-somethings find themselves Valentine’s Day guests of a wealthy, mysterious host and his tight-lipped butler.


Each of the invitees, have been offered $10,000 and the promise of love—if only they can make it through dinner and reach a personal “breakthrough.”

With nothing to lose and thousands to gain, these strangers open their hearts and minds to the possibility of real, romantic connections. By night’s end, all but two of them are dead!


” …a flawed film that is a fun Valentine’s Day horror-thriller that offers a few unsatisfying empty cinematic calories […] The cast gives it their best efforts but it languished in stereotypes and clichés. The ending is a bit better and feels like a different film. It is more serious than the rest of the narrative.” Fears Mag

“It just takes too long to get to the meat of the matter, and when you have a film that’s as dialogue heavy as this, the lines need to pop off the page. Too much of the chit-chat here is of the idle kind, and matters aren’t helped by the “woke” nature it sometimes exhibits. Social commentary in horror films is one thing; replacing the horror with social commentary quite another, and this tilts a bit too far towards the latter approach.” Film Blitz


Love Hurts has been picked up for distribution by genre specialist company Black Mandala with a release date to be announced soon.
In the UK, Most Horrible Things will be released on digital platforms on 14 November by Reel 2 Reel Films.

US trailer:

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Cast and characters:
Sean Patrick Flanery … Detective Holden
Natalie Burn … Detective Denver
Simon Phillips … The Butler
Andrés Erickson … Jason (as Andres Erickson)
Sean Sprawling … The Host
Rich Paul … Jeff
Grant Pfost … Eric
Vincent van Hinte … Calvin
Sarah J. Butler … Eva
Martina Vargas … Cindy
Lars Whelan … Doctor
Denise Khumalo … Lawyer 2
Zipporah Shunise … Lawyer 1

Filming locations:
Atlanta, Georgia

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