NIGHT OF THE CAREGIVER (2022) Preview and trailer for horror movie



Night of the Caregiver is a 2022 American horror film about a young nurse who suspects she is not alone with the old lady she is looking after.

Directed by and co-starring Joe Cornet (Assault on Rio Bravo; Incident at Guilt Ridge; A Prayer for the Damned) from a screenplay written by co-producer Craig Hamann (Assault on Rio Bravo; Showdown in Manila; The Haunted Dollhouse; Dollman vs. Demonic Toys). Also produced by Sean Murray and Alexander Nevsky.

The Hollywood Storm-San Rafael Productions movie also stars Eileen Dietz, Natalie Denise Sperl, Eric Roberts and Anna Oris.



Hospice nurse Juliet is hired to be a caregiver for Lillian, who lives in an isolated house in a remote area. Although she’s terminally ill, the elderly Lillian seems to be a cordial and sweet lady.

However, as the night goes on, Juliet suspects someone else is also living in the house causing her and Lillian to be in grave danger…


Cast and characters:

Natalie Denise Sperl … Juliet Rowe
Eileen Dietz … Lillian Gresham
Anna Oris … Pamela
Joe Cornet … Detective Roman Eckhart

Teaser trailer:

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