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‘The devil is coming…’
Hunting Souls is a 2022 American supernatural horror film about a couple that discovers a demon is hunting their sick child.

Written, produced and directed by Diego Silva Acevedo, making his feature film debut. Executive produced by Tatiana Silva.

The Seven Studios Productions movie stars Sunny Mabrey (Snakes on a Plane; Species III), Aiden Turner (Mindcage; To Have and to Hold), Chloe Garcia-Frizzi, Matt Borlenghi, Adelle Drahos, Charles Green, Liz McGeever and Alpha Trivette.

Mike and Angie Jones are determined to keep their seven-year-old daughter, Sophie, out of a demon’s hands.


They will do everything in their power to make her safe and to bring an end to the turmoil the demon is causing their family…



While it’s not quite as bad as Myron’s Happywax TV YouTube rant (see below), Hunting Souls is yet another ‘horror’ drama film that over focuses on social issues – in this case, parental abuse of their own child – with minimal horror until well over an hour into an already overlong running time. 

That said, the film’s biggest failings are British actor Aiden Turner’s monotone delivery in the central father role and an overall Lifetime channel vibe that has no thrust forward until its overdue climax. Unfortunately, Hunting Souls is mostly just bland.

Ironically, considering Turner’s wooden delivery, seven-year-old Chloe Garcia-Frizzi is great as the innocent girl seemingly being pursued by a demon. The rest of the cast is fine too. Unfortunately, the lacklustre plot and poor pacing will lose most folks well before the feeble exorcism that doesn’t even involve the usual OTT Catholic priest mumbo jumbo. A coda in a psych ward just reinforces the feeling that the entire production was just a jaded tick box exercise.

Perhaps the scariest scene is when the troubled father’s ignorant boss declares he’s about to be sacked for taking time off to deal with family issues. The true horror of uncaring capitalism without any compassion.

Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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4Digital Media will release Hunting Souls on April 5, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Sunny Mabrey … Angie
Aiden Turner … Mike
Chloe Garcia-Frizzi … Sophie
Matt Borlenghi … Doctor Benneth
Adelle Drahos … Hope
Charles Green … Doctor Thomas
Liz McGeever … Mary
Alpha Trivette … Tim
Brian Krainson … Second Police Officer
Omer Mughal … First Police Officer
David Alexander … Bob
Kevin Wayne Walker … Ron
Sophia Garcia-Frizzi … Sophie
Heather Parady … Karen
Kelly Young Silva … Nurse Samantha
Amber Fulljames … Nurse Amber

Technical details:
1 hour 38 minutes


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