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The Wendigo is a 2022 American horror film about a malevolent Algonquian spirit that resides in the wilderness of Northeastern America. Described as a stag-headed beast with hooves and antlers, the creature possesses hapless souls who break certain taboos.

Directed and photographed by and co-starring Jake Robinson from a screenplay written by James S. Brown, based on Robinson’s storyline. Produced by Paul David.

The Four Crows Productions-TJ Effectz production also stars Taylor-Grace Davis, Jake Robinson, Tyler Gene, Hunter Redfern, Austin Pigza, Laura Rodriguez, Matthias Margraves and Paul David.

“Overall, this is a solid found-footage creature feature, especially for a first-time director. It’s appropriately scary when it needs to be — with some genuinely chilling imagery — and while a lot of the Wendigo’s background isn’t explored, what is explained is faithful to the lore.” Dread Central

“The lean runtime helps, there is no fat on this movie, it moves at a brisk pace and it’s never boring. Once the action does start, it’s frantic and believable. Jamie and Clint Apple did a great job on the SFX makeup. The movie is well-acted, a very solid cast, no weak links.” 8/10, Skinner Ramone

” …falls into quite a few traps inherent in the found footage horror genre, like its over-reliance on shaky camera to fake excitement, its rather drawn out improvised dialogue, and its relative lack of an actual cinematic language. That said, the film still has a lot going for it, it’s got some interesting and well fleshed-out characters embodied by a competent cast…” Search My Trash

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