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‘Let the slaughter begin’
AVH: Alien vs. Hunter
 is a 2007 American science fiction horror film about a galactic being chasing down its deadliest prey in the universe.

Directed by Scott Harper (Supercroc) from a screenplay by producer David Michael Latt (War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave; The Apocalypse; War of the Worlds 2005; Scarecrow Slayer). Executive produced by David Rimawi.

The Asylum production stars William Katt (Paranormal Movie; Mirrors II; The Bone Eater; Snake Island; House and House IV), Dedee Pfeiffer (Journey to the Center of the Earth; Sandman; The Horror Show; Vamp), Wittly Jourdan (Titanic II; Blood and Bone; Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls) and Randy Mulkey (Super Shark; The Legend of Bloody Mary; Natas: The Reflection).


” …a tense action-thriller, rural sci-fi, meaning light on the techno-speak and scientific explanations and heavy on the shotguns and non-army-issue camouflage. The result of this is that it makes any tragedies or victories our heroes incur that much more empathetic, because these aren’t soldiers or government scientists or other sorts whose lives come with acceptable risks…” Committed

” …the cast are pretty good overall, the camera work is not bad and there are some cheap-but-effective digital effects. Now, where has the money been saved? Well, the sound is abominable. Poor sound is often a problem with back-yard indie films but The Asylum are a functioning production company […] A lot of the dialogue is simply inaudible.” Cult films and the people who make them

“The biggest crime of all is the complete failure of the “vs.” aspect of the film. This is inexcusable. Was this not supposed to be the point of the movie? Yet the Hunter spends more time scuffling with human characters than it ever does the Alien, and even when it fights the Alien, those skirmishes are every bit as lame as they are brief.” Dread Central

“The weak @ss human characters had to figure out how to kill the spider alien because the hunter was too busy doing… hell, I don’t know what he was doing. Then there was the spider alien who was only a spider in the two CGI shots that filmmakers managed to fund. One, in particular, they used over and over and over again.” Film Critics United

” [the actors] seem to all be in the death throes of their acting careers anyway, with poor talent feeding into poor location and so on. The sewer is also the secret tunnel is also the alien ship, and for the rest, the actors run around some wooden areas spouting exposition or reacting far too calmly in the face of impending doom. There are genuinely laugh-out-loud moments…” The Film Fanatic


“Some plot points are mentioned a dozen times, but prove to be very unimportant. On the flip-side, others come out of nowhere and also prove to be unimportant. A little consistency is all I ask for! While I really want to bash the special effects here, there are a couple of good points.” Mondo Bizarro

“Amid all the usual dithering the humans eventually figure out that one E.T. is hunting the other for sport, but even the heavy artillery of Valentine and his friends can’t overcome alien powers and tech, so the film can’t even handle the “men’s adventure magazine” vibe put across by the original Predator. From start to finish, it’s a dull “humans-run-from-monsters” tale…” Naturalistic! Uncanny! Marvelous!

“The acting is just plain awful (Mulkey is about the only one who doesn’t disgrace himself, while I kept hoping that Wittly Jourdan’s annoying character would be killed so I wouldn’t have to listen to any more of her whining). The special effects are ridiculous (especially the CGI work) and the low budget really shows in the filming locations…” Schlock to the System


Alien vs. Hunter features wooden acting, pathetic special effects, and cinematography that makes it impossible to get any sense of where characters are in relation to one another, but its worst crime is that it was made at all. Who thought this would be a good idea?” Something Awful

“Padded out with a harrassed town full of talking heads, even for ridiculous lame action it’s not much because it hasn’t got a lot of lame action to be seen. The stupidness does beat all. A joke ending indicates the filmmakers knew they were ripping off the public and were just giving all of us the finger.” Weird Wild Realm

Cast and characters:
William Katt … Lee Cussler
Dedee Pfeiffer … Hilary
Wittly Jourdan … Tammy
Randy Mulkey … Valentine
Jennifer Couch … Freckles
Jason S. Gray … Garrison
John Murphy Jr. … Figgus
Kevin Kazakoff … Two Fingers
Philip Bak … Javier
Josh Tessier … Styles
Matthew Bolton … Marty
Collin Brock … Sheriff Joel Armstrong
Darbi Gwynn … Marcy
Aaron Council … The Alien
Rynn Reigns … The Hunter (as Rob Filson)

Filming locations:
Asylum Studios, Los Angeles, California (studio)
Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, California
Laurel Canyon Stages – 9337 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Arleta, Los Angeles, California


Full film free to watch online:

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