DEAD BRIDE (2022) Reviews of Italian horror with 4K trailer

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Dead Bride is a 2022 Italian supernatural horror film about a young couple that discovers dark secrets when they inherit an old mansion.

Written, directed and edited by Francesco Picone (Age of the Dead aka Anger of the Dead; shorts: MartynIo sono morta). Produced by Giancarlo Freggia and Francesco Picone.

The Metrovideo-Officine Garibaldi production stars Jennifer Mischiati (Creators: The Past), Christoph Hülsen (Freaks Out; Twins), Douglas Dean (The Book of Vision), David White, Sean James Sutton (Onassis, Machination), Duné Medros (The Young Messiah), Michael Segal (Out for Vengeance), Francesca Albanese, Federica Bertolani, Lorenzo Carcasci and Alena Mayuk.

A young couple, Alyson and Richard, have just moved into a house that was left to Alyson in her biological father’s will. He had given her up for adoption when she was around nine years old, following her mother’s descent into insanity and his subsequent inability to cope with raising a child.

Meanwhile, Alyson and Richard have a new baby but are having a few financial and marital issues. When Richard leaves on a work trip Alyson starts exploring the house and uncovers some very dark secrets hiding in her family’s past…

Director’s statement:
Dead Bride is a dark and spine-tingling movie,” said the director Francesco Picone. He added, “Dead Bride offers exceptional acting performances, scary scenes and outstanding cinematography. If you enjoy ghost movies, this is a film you won’t want to miss.”

“It takes us down a disturbing world of haunting within a family home. most importantly it takes us through an unexplained world and the unsure when dealing with the evil that is after a child. Even though this movie is set within one home, it uses every inch to create a different horror experience and keeps us guessing where the film will go next.” 4/4, Movie Reviews 101

” …there are three major story elements that I feel were not properly developed or resolved, and I’m in two minds about the way Dead Bride wraps up–I both love and hate the horror of it. It fits well enough with the rest of the film–although it only exists because of a couple completely dropped plot threads–but it’s not quite the ending I excepted or wanted.” Terror Titans

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