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Infrared is a 2022 American found-footage horror film about paranormal experts investigating an abandoned school.

Written, produced and directed by Robert Livings and Randy Nundlall Jr. Also produced by Travis Ayers.

The Sestero Pictures-Woof Cat Films production stars Greg Sestero, Jesse Janzen, Leah Finity, Ariel Ryan, Samantha Laurenti, Nicole Berry, Ian Hopps, Randy Nundlall Jr, Austin Blank, Robert Livings, Romulo Reyes and Lori Richardson.

A paranormal investigator and his production crew gain access to a mysterious, abandoned school but when the thrilling haunt turns deadly, the team must race to uncover the terrifying truth before they become the school’s next victims…


“Overall, Infrared is an engaging horror film that breathes new life into not only the genre but also the found-footage subgenre. With great performances by Greg Sestero, Jesse Janzen and Leah Finity, along with an amazing buildup of tension, Infrared is a must-see film for horror fans!” Film Purgatory

“For what it is, Infrared is an indie found-footage film with a lot to offer. Its commitment to the bit and its atmosphere alone will impress and have you sticking around to the nutso climax. There’s an undeniable charm here, an unnerving creepy charm that has me really glad I am nowhere near any abandoned buildings, but an undeniable charm nonetheless.” Movie Meister Reviews

“After a shaky start, Infrared really improved, thanks to some strong performances from the two protagonists, and a nice almost over-the-top role from Sestero who was nearly scene-stealing whenever he appeared. He played the role of one of the more comedic characters with energy […] I ended up really enjoying Infrared.” The Rotting Zombie

“In the hands of its young helmers, Infrared employs elements of the found-footage pic that are as old as handheld photography itself yet crafts them into an assured, refreshingly gore-free, gleefully good-time frightener. ” Screen-Space

” …it can’t overcome all the shortcomings of the genre, like an over-reliance on shaky cameras, and an approach to things that sometimes seems too improvised and drawn out to carry the intended emotions. But that said, the film still scores, and scores high, at a lot of levels, like it puts an emphasis on atmosphere, it has some really good jump scares, and the performances are all spot-on…” Search My Trash

Infrared will be available on digital platforms on July 22, on the Terror Films Channel July 29, and on Kings of Horror on August 5, 2022.

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Cast and characters:
Greg Sestero … Geoff
Jesse Janzen … Wes
Leah Finity … Izzy
Ariel Ryan … Jane
Samantha Laurenti … Sarah
Nicole Berry … Catherine
Ian Hopps … Ian
Randy Nundlall Jr … Randy
Austin Blank … Austin
Robert Livings … Rob
Romulo Reyes … Jay
Lori Richardson … Judy

Technical details:
1 hour 29 minutes

Filming locations:
Sacramento, California

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