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‘She has summoned them’
Black Ghosts is a 2015 Swedish horror film about a young woman who uses occult rituals to resurrect her dead girlfriend.

Written, photographed, co-produced, directed and edited by Andreas Marawell (Eyes of Dread; Alien Goddess; Elsewhere). Also produced by George Beckman and Karl Camnert.

The Intravex-Swesoundstudios production stars Sandra Karinsdotter, Kaarina Lindblom, Johan Sjöberg, Sören Tolinsson, Maj-Lis Engqvist, Birgitta Rudklint, Emelie Svensson, Göran Wennersten and Alexandra Bryngelsson.

In an attempt to reunite with her dead girlfriend, Maya evokes dark forces through occult rituals that have devastating results, as she opens a portal to Hell itself…


“It is slow going and the majority of the film is led by actress Sandra Karinsdotter as Maya, who mostly says “Lucy” a lot but plays her role as a depressed lover well. Stick with it though if you want to see a Swedish horror mystery oddity that is sure to have its fans but most will walk away scratching their heads at what they just watched.” Horror Screams Video Vault

Black Ghosts is loaded with surreal, off-the-wall, and unpredictable moments, some serious and others on the more outlandish side. Even if you don’t love the movie, you have admire the weird, creative approach employed here. The ink spill ghosts, rampant sniffing of panties, stylish wood chopping, paper mache, vehicular jam sessions, trippy visit to a zoo, and general odd atmosphere are all quite memorable.” 8 out of 10, Marc Fusion

The film was distributed by Wild Eye Releasing in North America.


Full film – free to watch online:

Cast and characters:
Sandra Karinsdotter … Maya
Kaarina Lindblom … Z.Q
Johan Sjöberg … X.X
Sören Tolinsson … Aleister C
Maj-Lis Engqvist … The Mother
Birgitta Rudklint … Y.Ö
Emelie Svensson … Q.Z
Göran Wennersten … L.L
Alexandra Bryngelsson … Lucy

Original title:
Trans Somnium

Technical details:
1 hour 37 minutes

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