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Sadako DX is a 2022 Japanese horror film focused on a highly-intelligent college student’s attempt to unravel the curse.

Directed by Hisashi Kimura (Masked Ward; Ninkyo Gakuen) from a screenplay written by Yūya Takahashi (Lupin the IIIrd: Fujiko Mine’s Lie; Kamen Rider Ex-Aid).

The Kadokawa Pictures production stars Fūka Koshiba (Yokai Sharehouse TV series; Kiki’s Delivery Service) as Fuka Ichijo, a college student with an IQ of 200 who tries to unravel the curse of Sadako…


“It’s youth-oriented but connected to backstory from a film that came out 20+ years ago, too eager to make jokes to really commit to being scary, springing from ideas its makers seemingly don’t have the vocabulary to express, and cheap-looking and amateurish on top of that. I suppose there could be Ring fans looking for another hit, no questions asked, but I’m not sure who else this is going to impress.” Jay’s Movie Blog

“As the slew of Scream knock-offs proved, the wink-wink of self-referential jokes can soon get old, but Sadako DX keeps the life-or-death stakes high enough and the shocks unsettling enough that the audience is never completely able to settle into complacency. The film, based on Yuya Takahashi’s script, is also aware that it’s covering ground that may be all-too-familiar or ancient history to its viewers, and plays that familiarity…” The Japan Times

“A whimsical, humorous tone mixed in with the scary injects Sadako DX with a bold originality previously unforeseen in the series. A jump scare that happened twice with a giant bear made me giggle, but when the snapping-limbs of Sadako emerge from the well, all signs of laughter dissipate. Sadako’s evil wonky eye is still just as creepy as it has been in the past…” 4 out of 5, Josh at the Movies

“The filmmakers stop short of spoofing the genre, though; Sadako DX is played straight, and there are a few spooky new ideas that also serve to freshen up the proceedings. This time, it’s not just Sadako who manifests as a threatening presence, and fate has many faces this time around. Once Ayaka becomes personally caught up in the curse, the movie builds a good bit of tension…” Rue Morgue

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Sadako DX was released in Japan on October 28, 2022.

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