THE ANDY BAKER TAPE (2022) Reviews of found-footage horror [updated]

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The Andy Baker Tape is a 2022 American horror film. In October of 2020, food blogger Jeff Blake and his half-brother Andy Baker hit the road on a tour that had the potential to change their lives. They were never seen again. This is their footage…

Directed by Bret Lada from a screenplay co-written by Dustin Fontaine, both of whom star. The movie also features the voices of Caitlin Borek, Raymond Lada and Bethany Kay.

The Andy Baker Tape will premiere on the Terror Films YouTube channel on August 5, 2022, before a wide digital release on August 12 and on the Kings of Horror YouTube channel on August 19.


“A point in their favor is thriller’s compactness, bowing out shortly after the one-hour mark — and before wearing out the welcome. Without spoiling where it goes, the movie is all the more unsettling because the situation could happen — and has, as NBC’s Dateline and its ilk demonstrate week after week.” Flick Attack

“This does channel the inner Creep to the story, where he can come off as awkward but deep down, he knows what he is going. The movie does start slower, with most of it being interaction and bonding. This can work two ways, because making us wait, leaves us guessing. But the second way is, that not much is happening to hint at the biggest outcome possible.” Movie Review 101


“The film’s dialogue captures the uncertainty of the intentions behind meeting new people and the awkwardness of those interactions, perhaps making it most in debt to Creep’s brilliant screenwriting. It doesn’t stay scary throughout. It’s much more an ominous slow-burn, but it definitely has some sequences that will freak some people out.” iHorror

” …more than another found footage film this is really actors’ cinema, and both Bret Lada and Justin Fontaine fill their roles rather admirably, making this a pretty tense tour de force – and a cool piece of thriller cinema in the process.” Search My Trash

The Andy Baker Tape is a nicely done film and fans of both found footage and slow burn horror will find it worth their time to check out. It’s certainly better than other recent found-footage efforts such as A Town Full of Ghosts and Infrared even without their supernatural shenanigans.” 4 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony

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