THE GHOST LIGHTS (2022) Reviews of Texan sci-fi horror mystery



“Bad things happen… to those that chase the lights’
The Ghost Lights is a 2022 American sci-fi horror film about a female journalist investigating mysterious lights in the skies of Texas.

Written, co-produced, photographed and directed by Timothy Stevens. Also produced by John Francis McCullagh.

The Spectrograph Films production stars Billy Blair, Katreeva Phillips, Timothy Stevens, Madison Calhoun, Ryan Bijan and John Francis McCullagh.

A journalist returns home after the death of her father and discovers a mysterious cassette tape describing strange disappearances and mysterious lights appearing in the skies of West Texas.


In an effort to connect with the memory of her late father, she sets out on a cross-state road trip to discover the truth…

The Ghost Lights will be released on Digital by Terror Films on August 26, 2022.


The Ghost Lights is not a polished story or film, but there are glimmers of something terrific here, making it a worthwhile watch. It feels like an “early film before his career really started to take off” sort of movie, written, directed, shot, and co-starring Timothy Stevens. The Ghost Lights could be an episode of The Twilight Zone or perhaps The X Files, with just a bit of additional work to smooth out the rough edges.” Planet Dave

“A rather unique piece of chiller cinema as it takes what has pretty become genre standard over the years and puts it into a very intimate context, gives its story a very personal spin. And that the direction does not give into spectacle usually associated with this kind of movie but remains subtle while adding a feel of unease only helps for the story to fully develop…” Search My Trash

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