EVERYBODY DIES BY THE END (2022) Reviews of mockumentary

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Everybody Dies by the End is a 2022 American comedy horror mockumentary film which follows a dictatorial director as he makes his final film – an all-practical effects masterpiece… with a dark twist.

Directed by Ian Tripp and Ryan Schafer from a screenplay written by Tripp.

The Children of Celluloid production stars Vinny Curran, Bill Oberst Jr, Brendan Cahalan, Iliyana Apostolova, Ian Tripp, Joshua Wyble, Ryan Schafer, Caroline Amiguet, Paul Fisher III and Alan Vazquez.


“It’s an effective if mercilessly prolonged character study of a complete git and his enablers – but even allowing for the promise of the title most viewers will see where this is going very early on and only be fitfully engaged on the journey there […]  There are a few funny minor moments – mostly down to the depiction of the crew just trying to put the madman’s vision onscreen.” The Kim Newman Web Site


Everybody Dies by the End is an uncomfortable watch, which ends up feeling like a weaker version of Creep.” 3 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101

Everybody Dies by the End represents a strange merger of Lee Demarbre’s Smash Cut (2009) and Ti West’s The Sacrament (2013), and there is no denying the sophistication of its narrative set-up. Yet in its pursuit of what a ‘cult movie’ might really look like […] Tripp and Schafer’s own film is entirely unbelievable, as we struggle to see why anyone would fall under the spell of a mercurial, narcissistic, bullying moron like Alfred…” Projected Figures


“We’re never shown anything that explains why Costella has such a hold over his crew. He’s a literal cult filmmaker in that sense and he just doesn’t seem nearly charismatic enough to exert that kind of influence over people. That weakens what would have otherwise been a much more effective final act […] One thing that does help the final act power through that are some inventive deaths and a bit of highly effective gore…” 3 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony


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