PROJECT WOLF HUNTING (2022) Reviews of Korean sci-fi horror – Four 4K trailers and release news

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Project Wolf Hunting is a 2022 Korean sci-fi horror film about criminals on a cargo ship who attempt to escape and unleash a sinister force.

Written and directed by Kim Hong-sun (The Age of Blood). The movie stars Seo In-guk, Jang Dong-yoon, Jeong So-min and Sung Dong-il.

Plot synopsis:
A group of dangerous criminals is being transported by sea from the Philippines to South Korea. After a coordinated jailbreak attempt escalates into a bloody, all-out riot against the special agents charged with the transport, the fugitives and their allies from the outside unite to exact a brutal terror campaign onboard…


Project Wolf Hunting
will have its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in the Midnight Madness section. It will be released theatrically in South Korea on September 21, 2022.

Meanwhile, Well Go USA Entertainment will release the film on October 7, 2022, in North America. “We are proud to bring this gritty, grisly and quite highly anticipated action film to fans across North America,” said Doris Pfardrescher, President and CEO of Well Go USA. “Project Wolf Hunting’s inclusion in the much sought-after Midnight Madness section is quite a testament to the film’s ability to take audiences on a tense and exciting thrill ride.”

“An absurd level of violence, fake blood, and absolutely zero care about who matters to building a plot. And you know what? Sign me up to watch it again […] Go into Project Wolf Hunting with your head empty, no thoughts, just let the blood bath wash over you.” 8/10, But Why Tho?

“The brutal assassin’s origins are hinted at before the full extent of the conspiracy behind its existence is revealed, which is an interesting extra layer to the already intense narrative. There’s no telling how anyone might die or who will survive any of the many massacres that occur over the course of two hours. But the time flies by…” Digital Journal

“Mastermind Kim Hong-sun hopes you won’t see through the minor cracks in his grand opus. As a result of the neverending slaughter, Project Wolf Hunting is decidedly a bit short on character beats, honed in on instead delivering a maddening break-neck pace from the minute it lets the metaphorical cat out of the bag.” Josh at the Movies


“Infused in the hyper-gory action is some strong science fiction themes that intertwine with real-life history. It may sound like a lot to read, but watching it all unfold is an absolute treat. It is cinematic insanity at its finest. While it may take some time to get going, when it does, Project Wolf Hunting is quite a thrilling watch.” 83% Keith Loves Movies

Project Wolf Hunting is a brutally efficient killing machine long before the supernatural twist stomps into the proceedings. That almost seems like a gimmick-too-far. Only a couple of characters merit background sketches, and these explain and motivate their characters when the picture doesn’t really require that. A few red herrings offer clever distractions.” 2.5/4, Movie Nation

“By the time the fairly anticlimactic conclusion rolls around, Project Wolf Hunting has cemented its place as a decent-enough endeavor that would hardly be worth mentioning were it not for its often breathtakingly brutal atmosphere (ie the movie rivals Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive in terms of its blood and guts).” 2.5/5, Reel Film Reviews

” …a violent genre film imbued with creativity and hellbent on being the bloodiest film in history […] While it won’t move those looking for anything beyond its surface level thrills, Project Wolf Hunting is one of the most entertaining midnight films thanks to its commitment to maximalist genre fun.” Tilt


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