HI-FEAR (2022) Review and overview of horror anthology

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Hi-Fear is a 2022 American horror anthology film about a young illustrator who is forced to four stories for a comic book. It is the final instalment of a trilogy that began with Hi-8 (2013) and continued with  Hi-Death (2018).


Directed by Anthony Catanese (segment “The Streets Are Watching”), Tim Ritter (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”), Todd Sheets (segment “Losing It At The Devil’s Whorehouse”) and Brad Sykes (segments “Day Out of Days”, “What Are You Afraid Of?”).


“What’s your greatest fear? That’s the question posed to ambitious young illustrator Natalie, who is forced to create four of the most terrifying stories imaginable for the new comic book “Hi-Fear”. In “Losing it at the Devil’s Whorehouse”, some unlucky lads out for a night of fun run afoul of a den of sin that just might cost them their lives. A cop and a televangelist commit the perfect murder in “When Shadows Come Alive” only to find themselves stranded in the woods with a family of cannibals.” “The Streets are Watching” follows a homeless youth through an all-night urban odyssey as she tries to escape from a demon-possessed madman. Finally, “Day out of Days” concerns three isolated film crew members who find themselves at the centre of an apocalyptic invasion. With each tale more twisted than the last, “Hi-Fear” is a frightening finale to the “Hi-8″ trilogy.”

“With three solid segments out of four and a good wraparound, I thought Hi-Fear was a great little anthology. I also know however that the films it harkens back to are an acquired taste, especially for those who don’t remember the originals. But for those of us who remember them fondly, this is a great way to spend a couple of hours.” 4 out of 5, Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:
Geoff Allen … Hobo Fire 1 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Sheila Brandon Allen … Lady Fungus Demon (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Raven Black … Madison (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
P.J. Brescia … Taylor (segment “Day Out of Days”)
Brandon E. Brooks … Krazy Killer Karl (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Alexander Brotherton … Eric (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Haley Chambers … Victim (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Bella Curro … Spliff (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Leila Jean Davis … Chud (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Annalee Mae Dorsey … Hall Whore (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Douglas Epps … Fungus Melting Victim (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Trish Erickson-Martin … Officer Grantham (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Tony Ferguson … Hobo Fire 3 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Jo Gonsalves … Radio Announcer (segment “What Are You Afraid Of?”)
Nick Guagliardo … Punk 2 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Ingrid Dittmeier Hansen Ingrid Dittmeier Hansen … Laura (segment “Day Out of Days”)
Michael S. Harrington Michael S. Harrington … Dwork Stillo (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Dilynn Fawn Harvey Dilynn Fawn Harvey … Jezabel (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Amanda C. Healy Amanda C. Healy … Lucy Cove (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Katrina Katrina … Yvonne Stillo (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Thomas Kindler … Hurtwitz Stillo (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Shalyn Blain Lillard … Running Man / Screaming Victim(segment “Losing It At The Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Vince Lockett … Major Bum (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Kristin Lorenz … Natalie (segment “What Are You Afraid Of?”)
Drea Marie … Hobo Fire 2 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Jordyn Mart … Haley (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Todd Martin … Marshall Cove (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Jack McCord … Walter Sherman / Crowley(segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Rashane McMillion … Car Passenger (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Nichole Mondello … Homeless (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Erik Monsees … Punk 1 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Shelbo Mullins … Ray Stillo (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Adam Novak … Barry (segment “What Are You Afraid Of?”)
Charlie R Parker … Nurse (segment “What Are You Afraid Of?”)
Julie Anne Prescott … Alexis (segment “Day Out of Days”)
Kelsey Roberts … Tina (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Mason Roberts … Mark (segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Skyler Roberts … Brad (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)
Jonathan Silva … Car Driver (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Smutlife … Hobo Fire 4 (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
David Sobel … Voice of Fear (segment “What Are You Afraid Of?”)
C.W. Stiles … Demon (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Shannon Stockin … Phyllis(segment “When Shadows Come Alive”)
Raymond Strife … Bike Punk (segment “The Streets Are Watching”)
Travis Youmans … Jason (segment “Losing It at the Devil’s Whorehouse”)


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