SPIRIT OF FEAR (2023) Reviews of indie horror

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Spirit of Fear is a 2023 American horror film about a man who wakes in an empty suburban house with no memory and blood smeared on his arm.

Written, directed and produced by Alex Davidson. The Enhanced Media production stars Christopher Lee Page, Jordinn Ballenger, Ryann Risner and Ray Daniels.

A man wakes in an empty suburban house with no memory and blood smeared on his arm. As he frantically washes off the blood, he discovers that it is not his. He finds sticky notes around the house that read: “Don’t stay in this room.” “Don’t go outside.” “Don’t go downstairs.”


Confused, he tries to follow the cryptic messages, ultimately discovering two things. Memories of a mother and daughter that he is somehow connected with, and also a demonic presence living in this suburban house. As he gets closer to solving the mystery of why he is there, the demon grows stronger, testing his will to survive…


“The film’s ability to evoke fear and discomfort through minimalist storytelling is impressive and highlights the power of visual communication in the horror genre. While there are some moments of pacing that could be improved, Spirit of Fear is undeniably an effective and haunting cinematic experience.” Rating: B+ Caillou Pettis Movie Reviews

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Cast and characters:
Christopher Lee Page … Chris
Kevin Bohleber … Young Priest
Jordinn Ballenger … Daughter
Ryann Risner … Wife
Ray Daniels … Old priest
Joseph T. Kramer … Demon
Thad Owens … Demon
Matthew Peschio … Demon

Technical specs:
1 hour 16 minutes

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