SLASHER (2023) Reviews of Spanish dark comedy horror plus trailer

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‘A new legend is born’
Slasher is a 2023 Spanish dark comedy horror film about a young man named Julio who inherits a mask like the one his father used when killing. A group of young people arrive in town and cross Julio’s path so he must decide whether to continue the family tradition or embrace the love he is feeling.

Written and directed by Alberto Armas Díaz. The Cinemawings production stars Sergio Alguacil, Rafa Blanes, Cristina Bravo, Mario Gallardo, Anna Hastings, Fabiola Muñoz, Rafa de Vera and Reyes Monaj.

“In the end, and like Julio, we all doubt whether we want to see him continue killing or whether we want to see him leading a normal life without having to give up things like love […] Slasher is not only an example of the subgenre that gives it its title. It also has its good dose of teenage comedy, a few drops of drama, a splash of social denunciation and is seasoned with a little romanticism.” Desde el Sofá-Cine y TV [translated from Spanish]

“Few slasher films offer such a well-done insight into the process by which their killer becomes one. It’s nice to see things like Julio, despite his enthusiasm, struggling with his first kill […]  The film’s problems are more on the other side of the equation, where the visiting group of victims […] run the gamut from bland and uninteresting to actively obnoxious.” Grade: B, Film Blitz

“What happens is that they are comic situations seen countless times, masks included, both in films made here and those that come to us from abroad. So much predictability takes away some of its charm. Note, on the other hand, that viewed globally it is nice and pleasant to follow. It lacks forcefulness.” ★★½ Terror Weekend [translated from Spanish]

Trailer [Spanish language only]:


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