Worst Movies – G

The Galaxy Invader – Don Dohler, USA, 1985 Buy: Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com Galaxy of the Dinosaurs – J.R. Bookwalter, USA, 1992 Gallery of Horror – David L. Hewitt, 1967 The Game – Bill Rebane, USA, …

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Worst Movies – M

The Maize: The Movie aka Dark Harvest 2: The Maize – Bill Cowell, USA, 2004 Mama Dracula – Belgium, 1979 Maniac – Dwain Esper, USA, 1934 Manos: The Hands of Fate – Harold P. …

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Recommended movies

The movies in the following list are those that MOVIES and MANIA suggests are better than the average genre fare and well-worth viewing. The Abominable Doctor Phibes – Robert Fuest, …

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HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS’ BLOODMANIA (2017) Reviews and overview

BloodMania is a four-piece anthology that dips into the deranged and demented world of the grisly and distorted. Without much storyline to any of the shorts, we are first treated to a young man holding a woman hostage before going on the run. Needless to say, it gets bloody quite quickly and there is more than enough squeamish gore to entice the true horror fanatic into watching this craziness.

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