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Backwoods – Marty Weiss, USA, 2008

Starring Ryan Merriman, Danny Nucci, Haylie Duff

A team of adventurous Los Angeles executives head to the remote woods of Northern California for a wilderness weekend. The objective is to build their stamina and spirit. But they soon realize they aren’t alone in the backwoods…

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Back from Hell – Matt Jaissle, USA, 1993

A priest visits an old friend, who has gone to Hollywood to become a movie star. He finds out that his friend has sold his soul to Satan for stardom and now regrets it. The priest determines to help his friend fight the devil and regain his soul…


Back to the Beyond – Kevin DiBacco, USA, 2011

When a paranormal research team investigates a haunting dramatised on a classic television series, they encounter a sinister supernatural force thought to be fictional…

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Bad vs. Worse – Gus Trapani, USA, 2012

A young man persuades his younger brother into robbing a chain of houses with them. Unfortunately for them, one of the houses on their list belongs to a sadistic serial killer…


The Bat – USA, 1959


Beast from Haunted Cave – Monte Hellman, USA, 1958

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Beast of Bottomless Lake wins the People’s Choice Award at the Okanagan International Film Festival

The Beast of Bottomless Lake – Canada, 2010

Dr Paul Moran leads a team of scientists on a hilarious bittersweet expedition to find a mysterious lake monster hiding in Canada’s Lake Okanagan…

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The Beast of Bray Road – Leigh Scott, USA, 2005

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The Beast of Yucca Flats – Coleman Francis, USA, 1961

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Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla – William Beaudine, USA, 1952

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The Bell Witch Haunting – Glenn Miller, USA, 2013


Bigfoot vs Zombies –Mark Polonia, USA, 2016

Starring: Greta Volkova, Danielle Donahue, Steve Diasparra

A scientist creates a toxic cocktail that is accidentally unleashed into the local population, creating an army of flesh-eating zombies…

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Black Water Creek – Marshall Ever, Mark Shell, USA, 2014

Detectives Shaw and Willis are called to Black Water Creek to investigate a string of murders. Someone or something is killing people and driving locals into paranoid delusions with eyewitnesses saying it’s a Sasquatch…

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The Black Water Vampire – USA, 2014


The Blair Witch Legacy – Jason Hawkins, USA, 2017

In July of 2017 three filmmakers traveled to Burkittsville, Maryland to document the untold truth behind the making of the original Blair Witch Project…

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Blood Cure aka Nightcomer – Alain Silver, USA, 2012

After an unforeseen and violent affliction turns her world upside down, Rowena Hambleton struggles to survive night-to-night as she prowls the streets of Los Angeles. If there is a cure for what ails her, Rowena has yet to find it…


Blood Feast – Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA, 1963



Blood Immortal – Robert Joseph Butler, USA, 2019

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Blood is Blood – Stuart Sauvarin, USA, 2016

For privileged siblings Brie, Daniel, Crew, and Jess, the family has always come first. When Crew invites his girlfriend Sara into the family, distrust begins to bubble between the siblings. Seeing Sara as a threat, Brie grows spiteful and suspicious that she is being replaced… that is until Crew attempts to murder her in their family house…


Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer LampreysJames Cullen Bressack, USA, 2014

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Blood Massacre – Don Dohler, USA, 1991

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Blood Orgy of the She-Devils – Ted V. Mikels, USA, 1972


Blood Punch – Madellaine Paxson, USA, 2014

A young man breaks out of rehab to follow a mysterious bad girl into an easy drug score. But when she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic boyfriend, their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end…

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Blood Sabbath – Brianne Murphy, USA, 1972
Stars Anthony Geary, Susan Damante, Sam Gilman and Dyanne Thorne.

A coven of witches captures a young man travelling through the woods. He gets involved in a power struggle between a beautiful witch and the evil queen who heads the coven…


Blood Thirst – Newt Arnold, Philippines, 1965

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Blood Widow – Jeremiah Buckhalt, USA, 2014

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Bloodlust! – Ralph Brooke, USA, 1959

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Bloodmyth – John Rackham, UK, 2006

Juliet Corman, instructor for a survival training company invites her sister Holly along to the first course in a new centre in Kent woodland, unaware that waiting for them is a killer experimenting with ancient Celtic methods of human sacrifice.

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Bloodwood Cannibals aka Bloodwood – Joshua A. Siegel, USA, 2010

A documentary film crew is stalked by a pack of cannibals…

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Bluebeard – Edgar G. Ulmer, USA, 1944

Starring John CarradineJean ParkerNils Asther

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Body Melt – Australia, 1992


Bowery at Midnight – Sam Katzman, USA, 1942

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Brain Fix – Scott J. Wallace, USA, 1993

Black-listed Professor Fued believes he has found a cure for acute schizophrenia by implanting living parasites into his patients’ brains…


The Brain That Wouldn’t Die – Joseph Green, USA, 1959

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Bride of the Gorilla – Curt Siodmak, USA, 1951

Starring Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr., Raymond Burr

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Bride of the Monster – Ed Wood Jr., USA, 1955

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A Bucket of Blood – Roger Corman, USA, 1959

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The Bucks County Massacre – USA, 2010

A group of millennials at a remote house in the country are killed off one by one by a mysterious stalker in the woods in this “found footage” horror…

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Built to Kill – Anthology, Canada, 2020

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Bunni – USA, 2013

A group of teens explore an abandoned factory at the request of one of their friends – but little do they know he is leading them to slaughter at the hands of his mentally deranged mother…

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