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Da Sweet Blood of Jesus – Spike Lee – USA – 2014

Cursed by an ancient African artifact from a long-lost tribe, an anthropologist finds himself with an insatiable, addictive thirst for human blood…


The Dark – John ‘Bud’ Cardos, USA, 1979

Starring William Devane, Cathy Lee Crosby and Richard Jaeckel

At night, the Mangler stalks the streets of Los Angeles, killing and mutilating random victims. On the trail are a TV reporter, the father of one of the victims, and a police detective, but despite their efforts, only the mysterious psychic DeRenzy knows what the killer is and how to stop it…


Dark Revelations – Robert Michael Ryan, USA, 2015

In this post-apocalyptic horror-thriller, demons plague the Earth after the Biblical Rapture. Jeremy (Cuyle Carvin, The Walking Dead) and Dana (Marlene Mc’Cohen, Ghost Written) must make their way to a mysterious cabin deep into the wilderness in order to survive. The end of the world is just the beginning…

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Dark Shade Creek – David Mankey, USA, 2012

A logger drugged with LSD wreaks havoc on tourists…

Dark Shade Films

Dark Souls – Norway, 2010


Daughter of Doctor JekyllEdgar G. Ulmer, USA, 1957

Cult Cinema Classics

Daughter of Horror aka Dementia – Bruno VeSota, USA, 1953

Assault, attempted carnal assault, death, mutilation, chases and fear all play a role in this movie in which the viewer is never sure what is real, what is a dream, what is hallucination…

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Dawn of the Mummy – Frank Agrama, 1981

A group of fashion models disturb the tomb of a mummy and revive an ancient curse. Along with the mummy rising, slaves who were buried in the desert thousands of years before, also rise, with a craving for human flesh.

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Day of the Mummy – USA, 2014


The Day of the Triffids – Steve Sekely, UK, 1962

A shower of meteorites produces a glow that blinds anyone that looks at it. As a consequence, 99% of the population goes blind. This chaos results in the escape of Triffids; experimental plants that are capable of moving themselves around and attacking people…


The Dead Matter – Edward Douglas, USA, 2010

Starring Andrew Divoff, Jason Carter, Tom Savini, Sean Serino, Tom Nagel

A guilt-ridden young woman desperate to contact her deceased brother discovers a powerful ancient relic previously owned by vampires that can raise and control the dead…


Dead Men Walk – USA, 1943

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Deadly Karma – USA, 2011

Bullied in High School, Sammy Harris ends up in a mental institution for five years. Now, five years later, his old classmates are dying one at a time! They pushed him too far…

Kings of Horror

Deadly Presence – Shane Cole, USA, 2012

Three girlfriends looking for a night of fun decide to stay at an old haunted house. Nothing creepy seems to come off their séance session until a few months later when one of the girls leaves a cryptic video message before committing suicide in her bathtub. Now it’s up to Andie to find the answers before tragedy strikes again…

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Deadly Renovations – Robert H. Gwinn, USA, 2010

When a small house flipping group discovers that their hotel project may contain millions of cash hidden somewhere within, the project turns deadly…

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Deadly Strangers – Sidney Hayers, UK, 1974

Amid public warnings about a dangerous mental hospital escaped patient, British babe Belle Adams hitches rides on the highway with various motorists…


Death Race 2000 – Paul Bartel – USA
Starring David Carradine, Sylvester Stallone, Mary Woronov

The citizens of a futuristic dystopia are kept busy and amused by a deadly road race, where they get extra points for viciously killing pedestrians.


Death’s Door – Kennedy Goldsby, USA, 2015

Starring Obba Babatundé, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, and Chico Benymon.

It all begins with a text message. An anonymous message sent to the cell phones of a dozen young men and women. The message is an invitation to attend one killer of a party. Nobody knows who sent the message but it turns out to be an invitation that no-one can refuse, yet everyone will regret…

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Decampitated – USA, 1998

Troma Movies

Dementia 13 – Francis Ford Coppola, USA, 1963

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The Demon – South Africa, 1979

Classic Movies

Demon – USA, 2013

A mysterious woman and her aide appear during an autopsy and claim responsibility for creating the perfect killing machine. A creature designed specifically for desert warfare to be used by the military. However, it has escaped and they need help reacquiring it…

Kings of Horror

The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – George King, UK, 1936

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The Demon Lover – USA, 1976

A group of teenagers hanging around a cemetery get involved with a satanic priest who calls up a demon from Hell.


Demon Rage aka Satan’s Mistress; Dark Eyes – James Polakof, USA, 1982

A woman in an unhappy marriage finds fulfilment in her relationship with a ghostly, speechless presence…


Demonic Toys 2 – William Butler, USA, 2010

Doctor Lorca (Michael Citrini) is continuing to collect strange oddities, along with the help of Caitlin (Alli Kinzel) and her boyfriend David (Lane Compton). They continue their search at a mysterious castle in Italy, where there have been rumours of a mysterious, ancient puppet alive and walking around…

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Destroy All Planets – Noriaki Yuasa, Japan, 1968

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Devil 2.0 – Daryl Stacey Williamson, USA, 2017

Stars: Shaun Agostinho, Vic Agostinho, Doug Brown

When a psychotic breaks, what do they see?

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The Devil Bat – Jean Yarbrough, USA, 1940

A small town cosmetic company chemist (Lugosi) is angry at his wealthy employers because he feels they have denied him his due share of company success. To get revenge, he breeds giant bats. He then conditions them to kill those wearing a special after-shave lotion he has concocted…

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The Devil Complex – Mark Evans, UK, 2016

Filmmakers travel to Transylvania to document the haunted Hoia Forest (known as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania) which has an alleged dark history of strange occurrences, ghost sightings and countless cases of missing people…

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The Devil Knows His Own – Jason Hawkins, USA, 2012

Starring Dara Davey, Eileen Dietz, Alicia Rose

A man suffering from psychotic delusions may be possessing the women in his life until a priest is dispatched to put an end to his reign of terror…


Devil’s Diary – Farhad Mann, Canada, 2007

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The Devil’s Hand – William J. Hole Jr., USA, 1959

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The Devil’s Messenger – Curt Siodmak, Sweden | USA, 1961

With the assistance of his reluctant yet seductive subject, Satanya (Karen Kadler), Satan (Lon Chaney Jr.) attempts to recruit new people to join him in Hell.

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Discipline – USA, 2011

A series of murders are confounding the local police with its residue of mutilated corpses. It begins when a sadistic cult murders willing victims for entertainment. Professor Lafitte, a rich sophisticated man, whose hobby is collecting souls, leads the cult.

One of his students is Jack, brilliant and obsessed with composing avant-garde music. He decides to compose a concerto for synthesizer and samplers that is based on the recorded sound of human screams…

Kings of Horror

Dismay aka Bleed – Gary King, USA, 2009

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Doctor Hackenstein – USA, 1988

Troma Movies

Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – USA, 1920

Starring John Barrymore

Timeless Classic Movies

Dog Man 2: The Wrath of the Litter – Richard Brauer, USA, 2014

They’re not just pups anymore… Hank Purvis still enjoys the outdoors and loves to hunt. He and his wife Dorothy continue to live on their family farm in the rural Midwest. It’s been a year since the Dog Man terrorised this community and nearly killed Hank. But now, things seem to have settled down, everyone has gotten back to their routine.

Kings of Horror

Dominique – Michael Anderson, UK, 1978

Stars: Cliff Robertson, Jean Simmons, Jenny Agutter, Simon Ward, Ron Moody, Judy Geeson


Don’t Let the Riverbeast Get You – Charles Roxburgh, USA, 2013

Kings of Horror

Don’t Look in the Basement – USA, 1972


Dorm of the Dead – Tobias Canto Jr. and Tyrel Good, USA, 2012

Will, a slacker college student, returns to his dorm after spring break to find his younger brother, Cory, visiting him for the week. After ditching classes and his brother, Will returns to the dorm to find it overrun… with zombies!

Kings of Horror

Dracula vs. Frankenstein – Al Adamson, USA, 1971


Drawing Blood – Sergio Lapel – USA – 1999

Edmond is a distraught artist who struggles not only with inner demons tormenting his soul, but outer demons set on destroying him. Edmond’s biggest mistake was falling in love with the gorgeous painter Diana… who just happens to be a vampire. Diana likes to draw nude models — while drinking their blood — and this horrific practice sets off a lusty relationship with Edmond…

Troma Movies

The Driller Killer – Abel Ferrara, USA, 1979

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Drive-In Massacre – USA, 1976

Cult Cinema Classics

The Dungeon of Harrow – Pat Boyette, USA, 1962

An evil, sadistic count lives in a waterfront castle with his insane family members. One day the survivor of a shipwreck washes ashore near the castle and finds himself a captive…

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