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Gallery of Fear – Alan Rowe Kelly, Anthony Sumner, USA, 2012

Renowned and malicious art critic Roberta Van Houten (Debbie Rochon) travels to upstate New York for a private art showing at the remote “Lunatic Gallery”.

Left alone in a huge gothic manor and one mysterious draped easel, Roberta hopes to discover a new medium that will stun the art world. Instead she unveils a collection of terror more horrific than her poison penned reviews and is transported into four haunted tales of murder, monsters and mayhem…

Gammera the Invincible – Noriaki Yuasa, Japan/USA, 1965

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Gangsters, Guns and Zombies – UK, 2012


The Ghost – Riccardo Freda, Italy, 1963

Stars Barbara Steele, Peter Baldwin, Elio Jotta and Harriet Medin.

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The Ghost Train – Walter Forde, UK, 1941

Arthur Askey plays irritating entertainer Tommy Gander who is stranded overnight in a Cornish train station with his fellow passengers. Local legend has it that a phantom train passes through the station with the ghosts of its passengers on board…

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The Ghost Walks – Frank R. Strayer, USA, 1934

During a stormy night at an old dark mansion, people who claim to see ghosts roaming the halls are later found murdered…

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Ghostlight – Jeff Ferrell, USA

Andrew wins a radio contest to spend one night alone in a haunted theatre on the 80th anniversary of the bloody murder/suicide that occurred within its walls. His prize: $50,000. His task: To spend 12 hours alone inside. The catch: The theatre has been reportedly haunted ever since the tragedy 80 years ago, and has been plagued by a series of mysterious deaths since…

The Orchard

Ghosts of Hanley House – USA, 1968

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Ghosts on the Loose – William Beaudine, USA, 1943

Starring East Side Kids, Ava Gardner, Bela Lugosi

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The Giant Gila Monster – Ray Kellogg, USA, 1959

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Go to Hell – Michael J. Heagle – USA – 1999

Dario Dare, an ex-pro-wrestling manager, now reporting on paranormal activities for the tabloid newspaper “The National Explainer,” inadvertently stumbles upon a supernatural plot to assassinate a Vatican cardinal.  During his investigations, Dario has his soul stolen by a renegade demon and must find a way to Hell in order to steal it back.

Troma Movies

Goblin – Todd Sheets, USA, 1993

A newlywed couple moves into their new house. What they don’t realise is that the previous owner of the house raised a monstrous creature from the depths of hell! Now it’s coming back to make up for lost time…

Kings of Horror

God Told Me ToLarry Cohen, USA, 1976

Cult Cinema Classics

Godmonster of Indian Flats – USA, 1973

Particularly difficult to describe: part-Western, part-Nevada desert potboiler with racist mayor and black hero, and part-mutant eight foot-tall sheep rampage…


The Gorilla – USA, 1939

The three Ritz Brothers are fumbling detectives prowling an old dark house haunted by Bela Lugosi, an insane murderer and a giant gorilla…

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Graduation Day – USA, 1981

Troma Movies

Grave of the Vampire – John Hayes, USA, 1972
Starring William Smith, Michael Pataki, Lyn Peters

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Graveyard Stories – USA, 2017

Starring Lloyd Kaufman (The Toxic AvengerPoultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead) and Jim O’Rear (Nightblade).

Lonely traveller Vincent (Virgil Franklin) is picked up by a mysterious storyteller (Jim O’Rear) while in the middle of a barren wasteland.

To pass the time, the storyteller weaves fascinating tales of shock and intrigue, each one viler than the last. Could there be some sort of message in these stories? Has Vincent, in fact, walked right into Hell itself?

Moonlight Films

The Grotto – Italy, 2014

Carlo and Melissa stay at a seaside villa but everything changes when Melissa discovers an ancient book of demons and the ghost of a 10-year-old boy that’s been dead for 40 years. She becomes possessed and it’s up to Carlo, with the help of Anna De Luca, a professor on demonology, to stop the ritual that will bring about the rebirth of a 400-year-old demon…


Guru the Mad Monk – Andy Milligan, USA, 1970

A deranged 15th century prison colony chaplain exploits his power to get money for his church including murder and grave robbing committed by his vampire mistress and one-eyed hunchback assistant…

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