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Karpenter – Christian Ackerman, USA, 2017

The slasher movie Karpenter was written in two days by Christian Ackerman and shot in 17 days total. Producer, writer, and director Christian Ackerman wanted to see how fast he could shoot a feature film. The films cast/crew were either friends or family. Also, the film had absolutely no budget; it comprised of all volunteers and donations.

FastCoast Productions

Keep My Grave Open – S.F. Brownrigg, USA, 1974

Internet Archive

Killer Clown – Julian Cheah, Malaysia, 2010

A serial killer dressed in a clown mask and a long black robe terrorises a small town and murders people randomly and for no apparent reason. A man whose girlfriend gets killed by the clown seeks revenge and enacts his own brand of vigilante justice…

Kings of Horror

The Killer Shrews – Ray Kellogg, USA, 1959

On an island, a doctor works to make humans half-size. This, apparently, will reduce world hunger as smaller humans would presumably eat less. Unfortunately, his experiments have also created some giant, venomous shrews…


Killers from Space – W. Lee Wilder, USA, 1954

Internet Archive

Killervision – Dale Trott, Australia, 2014

Kings of Horror

The Killing of Satan – Philippines, 1983

A man  is chosen by his dead uncle to battle the forces of evil. He fights a being called “The Prince of Magic,” who shoots rays from his hands, makes heads spin around and hypnotises people. He finally faces Satan himself and engages him in a battle of magic…


King of the Zombies – Jean Yarbrough, USA, 1941

During World War II, a plane crash lands on an island. The passenger, his manservant and the pilot take refuge in a mansion. Quick-witted valet (Mantan Moreland) soon becomes convinced the mansion is haunted by zombies…

Cult Film Classics | Internet Archive

KL24: Zombies – Malaysia, 2017

Comedy horror: A flu infection has taken over Kuala Lumpur city which turns into a zombie outbreak…

Doghouse 73 Pictures

Klown Kamp Massacre – Philip Gunn, David Valdez, USA, 2010

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