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Tainted – Brian Evans, USA, 1998

A sarcastic comedy thriller about a vampire who sets out to infect the blood of a hospital and the twenty-something slackers who set out to stop him…

Troma Movies

Teenage Zombies – Jerry Warren, USA, 1957

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Teenagers from Outer Space – USA, 1957

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The Tell-Tale Heart – Ernest Wallace, UK, 1960

Starring Lawrence Payne, Adrienne Corri, Dermot Walsh


Terminal Island – Stephanie Rothman, USA, 1973

No one here gets out alive! It’s every man and woman for himself on an island where convicted murderers are dumped, rather than kept in prison.

Cult Cinema Classics

Termite: The Walls Have Eyes – John Walcutt, USA, 2011

An attractive but troubled young woman gets a job at a modelling school where she is tortured by the voices in her head and the sounds in the walls…

The Orchard

The TerrorRoger Corman and others, USA, 1963

Starring Boris Karloff, Jack Nicholson, Sandra Knight, Dick Miller

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Terror is a Man aka Blood Creature – Gerardo de Leon, Eddie Romero, Philippines/USA, 1959

A scientist transforms a panther into a man like creature that escapes and goes on murderous rampage…

Rapid Heart TV

There’s Nothing Out ThereRolfe Kanefsky, USA, 1990

Troma Movies

The Thing on the Doorstep – Tom Gliserman, USA, 2013

Starring David Bunce, Susan Cicarelli-Caputo, Mary Jane Hansen, Ron Komora


The Thirsty Dead – USA/Philippines, 1974

Beautiful young girls are kidnapped off the streets of Manila by a death cult that needs their blood to remain immortal…

Pizza Flix

13/13/13 – USA, 2013


3 Flies in a Widow’s Web – Calvin Morie McCarthy, USA, 2016

Three short tales of terror that revolve around helpless souls tangled in the dark side of human nature. From mental illness and urban legends, to brainwashed neighbours, and the Devil himself…

Kings of Horror


Tormented – Bert I. Gordon, USA, 1960

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Trunk – Straw Weisman, USA, 2009

While she is trapped in a trunk of a serial killer’s car, a single mother named Megan, is about to come face-to-face with death. In order to stay alive, she decides to play along with her deranged captor…

Maverick Movies

3 Tunnels 2 Hell aka Serenity Farm – James Becket, USA, 2014

Kings of Horror

Torture Chamber – Dante Tomaselli, USA, 2012

A shocking family portrait. A boy oozing blood and saliva, imprisoned in a cage. A deeply religious mother who believes her son is controlled by the devil. A Catholic priest devoted to saving his family, who tries to cure his deranged younger brother – but 13-year-old Jimmy Morgan is possessed by an evil too powerful to be exorcised by any religion…


Toxic Zombies aka Bloodeaters; Forest of Fear – USA, 1979


Track of the Moon Beast – USA, 1972

A mineralogist is hit in the head by a meteor, which turns him into a vicious reptilian creature during the full moon…

 Future Zone | Pizza Flix

Trauma –  Robert M. Young, USA, 1962

Starring John Conte, Lynn Bari, David Garner, Lorrie Richards

A woman returns to the family mansion where, as a child she discovered the dead body of her aunt. As time goes by, she starts to remember who killed her aunt…

Old Films and TV

Treasure Chest of Horrors – USA, 2012

The “booty” features vampires, killer mannequins, a gruesome high school killing spree and more. Featuring Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman and Shawn C. Phillips…


Tsunami Beach Club – USA, 2008

An insurance adjuster from Iowa is sent to settle several death benefit claims in Los Angeles. He soon discovers all the victims were carrying invitations to a non-existent club called “The Tsunami Beach Club”.

Film Freaks

12/12/12 aka Evil Born – USA, 2012


The 27th Day – USA, 1957

Cult Cinema Classics

2-Headed Shark Attack – USA, 2012


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