Free Horror Movies: 1990s


Curse of the Puppet Master – David DeCoteau, USA, 1998

Attempting to duplicate the Puppet Master’s work, Dr Magrew has been experimenting with his human assistant. But, Hell is about to break loose. As captives in Doctor Magrew’s “House of Marvels,” the puppets have watched silently as the lives of his patients have been destroyed with every failed experiment. Now, the deadly puppets’ hunger for revenge is the only way to stop the legacy of evil…


Hellinger – Massimiliano Cerchi, USA, 1997

Starring Arte Richard, Shana Betz, Veronica Bero, James M. O’Donoghue, Kelly Goldstein,


The Nurse – Robert Malenfant, 1997

Starring: Lisa Zane, Janet Gunn, John Stockwell

A traumatized nurse plots revenge against a catatonic businessman, whom she blames for the death of her family, by integrating herself as his personal nurse and plots revenge by killing off his family members one by one…


Evil Sister – Doug Demarco, USA, 1996

Starring Joliebeth Cope, Bob Dickinson and Kim Farina

A possessed female psychopath gets released from a mental hospital after 15 years, and was obviously allowed to leave at some point to have a breast enlargement procedure. Gory murders ensue…


Mind Ripper – Joe Gayton, USA, 1995

When an experiment in a remote desert outpost creates a merciless monster, a scientist is summoned to destroy the beast. With the help of his family and colleagues, the scientist must undo the horror that lurks within the dark halls…


Xtro: Watch the SkiesHarry Bromley Davenport, UK/USA, 1995

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Back from Hell – Matt Jaissle, USA, 1993

A priest visits an old friend, who has gone to Hollywood to become a movie star. He finds out that his friend has sold his soul to Satan for stardom and now regrets it. The priest determines to help his friend fight the devil and regain his soul…


Brain Fix – Scott J. Wallace, USA, 1993

Black-listed Professor Fued believes he has found a cure for acute schizophrenia by implanting living parasites into his patients’ brains…


Goblin – Todd Sheets, USA, 1993

A newlywed couple moves into their new house. What they don’t realise is that the previous owner of the house raised a monstrous creature from the depths of hell! Now it’s coming back to make up for lost time…

Kings of Horror

Body Melt – Australia, 1992


Blood Massacre – Don Dohler, USA, 1991

Don Dohler Films

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