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The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari – Germany, 1920

Cult Cinema Classics

Camp Massacre – Jim O’Rear, Daniel Emery Taylor, USA, 2013

Contestants appear on a competitive reality show at a summer camp. As contestants disappear in the night, it becomes apparent that a killer is on the loose…


Cannibal: The Musical – Trey Parker, USA, 1993

Cannibal! The Musical is the true story of the only person convicted of cannibalism in America – Alfred Packer.  The sole survivor of an ill-fated trip to the Colorado Territory, he tells his side of the harrowing tale to news reporter Polly Prye as he awaits his execution…

Troma Movies

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter – UK, 1972


Carnival of Souls – Herk Harvey, USA, 1962

Mary Henry is enjoying the day by riding around with two friends but everything goes wrong when challenged to a drag race and their car gets forced off of a bridge. The car sinks into the murky depths, and all three women are assumed drowned.

Some time later Mary emerges unscathed from the river. She tries to start a new life by becoming a church organist but Mary finds herself haunted by a ghostly figure that instills fear and dread….

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The Cat and the Canary –  Paul Leni, USA, 1927

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Cataclysm aka The Nightmare Never Ends – USA, 1980

A woman is tormented by visions of murder and death. She is drawn into a strange cult of neo-Nazis…

Troma Movies

Chain of Souls – Steve Jarvis, USA, 2001

Stars: Denise Gossett, Suzanne Sheikh, Joe Decker

When a naive aspiring actress from Podunk, Texas disappears in Los Angeles, her protective sister comes looking for her. The clues lead her to a diabolical cult masquerading as a theater group and the fight of her life…


The Children – USA, 1980

Troma Movies

Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things – USA, 1972


Chimères – Olivier Beguin, Switzerland, 2013

The Orchard

Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla – Stuart Simpson, Australia, 2014

Awkward, lonely ice-cream truck driver Warren Thompson has two major problems: an unhealthy obsession with a soap opera actress, and a gang of bullies who like to savagely beat him on a regular basis.

As Warren slowly slips out of reality and into a psychotic fantasy world to escape his miserable life, a darker, deadlier Warren emerges to deal with his problems and put an end to his tormentors…


Chopping Mall – Jim Wynorski, USA, 1986


The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven – Lawrence Lanoff, USA, 1998

When a serial killer mysteriously and savagely murders a young Indian woman in rural Los Angeles county, her sister McKenna must replace her as the keeper of an amulet, the sacred crescent. Reluctantly, McKenna accepts the role of chosen one. With the amulet and after the rigours of the ritual, she takes on the spirit and powers of the raven, the good forces in the battle against evil, the wolf…

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The Cloth – Justin Price, USA, 2013

A godless man is recruited by a secret organisation who works to combat demonic possessions in order to prepare a new generation in the battle against evil forces…

Danny Trejo, Eric Roberts, Rachele Brooke Smith, Justin Price, Robert Miano, Lassiter Holmes, Kyler Willett Cameron White.

Kings of Horror

Coin – Michael Fredianelli, USA, 2012

A young mother fights for her life when her inner demons manifest themselves in her baby’s doll collection. An ordinary hunting trip turns into a nightmare for three friends when a mysterious bundle of joy falls into their lap. A homeless family must face its ugly past when a dark secret long since buried finally rises from the grave.

When a babysitter loses his best friend’s son to a kidnapper, he is unexpectedly thrown into a dreamlike labyrinth of fantasy and depravity…

Wild Dogs

Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism – USA, 2010

Written and directed by Keith Kurlander

Starring Lisa YoungerJared VandenbergDennis Woodruff

A young couple, Lisa Younger and Jared Vandenberg, escape the Los Angeles rat race for the quiet life in Joshua Tree, California but paranormal visions and voices quickly turn the house of their dreams into a house of nightmares. They enlist the help of a spiritualist, Alex Damiano, to help exorcise the premises but this only awakens and angers the demonic presence that lurks within.


Combat Shock: Director’s Cut – Buddy Giovinazzo, USA, 1984

A dangerously disturbed Vietnam veteran struggles with life 15 years after his return home, and slowly falls into insanity from his gritty urban lifestyle…

Troma Movies

The Corpse Grinders – Ted V. Mikels, USA, 1971

When the owners of the Lotus Cat Food Company, who manufacture an exotic, high priced type of kitty chow, run short of cash, they find themselves in big trouble with their suppliers. The two disreputable partners soon turn to a new and plentiful source for product fresh cadavers!

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The Corrupted – John Klappstein and Knighten Richman, Canada, 2010

Indie sci-fi horror: A group of twenty-somethings are enjoying their stay at a lakeside cabin when a series of frightening and bizarre events derail their weekend…

Kings of Horror

Count Dracula’s Great Love – Spain, 1972

Strangers arrive at Castle Dracula and are greeted by a stocky, sad Count Dracula (Paul Naschy) and a trio of female vampires.

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Creature aka Titan Find – William Malone, USA, 1985


Creature from the Haunted Sea – USA, 1961


Creature of Destruction – Larry Buchanan, USA, 1967

A hypnotist (Les Tremayne) on a ship in the middle of the ocean begins to predict a series of grisly murders committed by a hideous sea creature. However, in reality, he is the sidekick of a beautiful woman who is a carnivorous, shapeshifting mermaid…

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Croaked: Frog Monster from Hell aka Rana: The Legend of Shadow Lake – Bill Rebane, USA, 1975

Troma Movies

Cruel Will – Arthur Romeo, USA, 2013

Tragedy strikes married couple Paul and Lily, when Lily’s father dies. Lily has her father cremated, brings the urn home and now Paul has to come to terms with the death of his father-in-law whom he had despised. The situation becomes frayed when the lid to the urn mysteriously disappears, and Paul begins to experience happenings no-one else is aware of…

The Orchard

Crush the Skull – Viet Nguyen, USA, 2015

When a young couple’s car breaks down on a desolate road, a mysterious stranger appears to assist them…


Curse of Bigfoot – Dave Flocker, USA, 1976

Curse of Bigfoot is an expanded version of an unreleased film (made around 1963 and later titled Teenagers Battle the Thing for a video release in the ’90s). The two stars from the original appear as adults in the opening scene of the 1976 film.

The rest of Curse of Bigfoot mainly consists of  stock footage and the entire 1963 film seen as a flashback. The original film focused on the resurrection of a mummy-like creature and had nothing to do with Bigfoot.

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Curse of the Cannibal Confederates aka The Curse of the Screaming Dead – Tony Malanowski, USA, 1982

Six young friends who unwillingly raise the undead corpses of Confederate soldiers…

Troma Movies

Curse of the Puppet Master – David DeCoteau, USA, 1998

Attempting to duplicate the Puppet Master’s work, Doctor Magrew has been experimenting with his human assistant. But, Hell is about to break loose. As captives in Doctor Magrew’s “House of Marvels,” the puppets have watched silently as the lives of his patients have been destroyed with every failed experiment. Now, the deadly puppets’ hunger for revenge is the only way to stop the legacy of evil…


Curse of the Swamp Creature – Larry Buchanan, USA, 1966

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