AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM (2022) More cast members revealed

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom filming continues in London and THR has revealed that WandaVision star Randall Park has signed on to reprise his role as Doctor Stephen Shin, while the sequel …

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EAT LOCALS (2017) Reviews and overview

‘Guess who’s coming to dinner?‘ Eat Locals is a 2017 British comedy horror feature film directed by actor Jason Flemyng (Forbidden Empire; The Bunker; The Mirror; From Hell) from a screenplay by Danny King. …

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DEMENTAMANIA (2013) Reviews and overview

‘Reality is not an option’ Dementamania is a 2013 British horror feature film directed by Kit Ryan (Botched) from a screenplay by Anis Shlewet. The movie stars Samuel Robertson, Vincent Regan, Kal …

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