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The following short horror and sci-fi films are available to watch free online. This is a new listing so it’s quite (ahem) short at the moment but we had promised to feature some of the new shorts below asap. More mini-movies will be added on a regular basis so come back soon.

Enjoy the films and add your feedback in the comments section below.

Sell Your Body – USA, 2017

Written and directed by Jaanelle Yee

Retch – UK, 2018

Directed and written by Keir Siewert

Santa – USA, 2019

Mad Santa – Canada, 2019

Written, directed by and starring Bruce Blain, plus David Bloom and Chloe Cruz.

The Groves – Australia, 2019

The Lady – USA, 2019

Produced, shot, written, directed, edited by Alexander Henderson from a script by Michael Coulombe

Review at Voices from the Balcony

Battle at Big Rock – USA, 2019

Directed by Colin Trevorrow (writer and director of Jurassic World and upcoming Jurassic World 3) from a screenplay co-written with  Emily Carmichael (Pacific Rim Uprising), the short stars André Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd, Pierson Salvador and Chris Finlayson.

Cursed Words – UK, 2019

Directed by Joe Stas and Lloyd Stas. Stars Ryan Lane, Olivia Newton, Michael Muyunda, Martin Valentine, Ben Galler, Helen Booden, Tom Stas and Lilou Stas.

In a small British pub, all hell breaks loose when a man reads three words from a mysterious, bloodstained letter.

Duérmete Niño – Canada, 2019

Directed by Freddy Chávez Olmos from a script co-written with Victor Osuna. Featuring Piercey Dalton. Special Makeup Effects – Amazing Ape Productions

A religious mother of newborn twins is constantly awakened by the disturbing sound of her crying babies. Using a radio monitor to check on them at night, she encounters a series of unsettling events that might jeopardize even her own beliefs.

Here Comes the Night – USA, 2019

A slasher horror fan-made short film and a love letter to the Friday the 13th franchise.

Written, directed and edited by Tim McCormack, the Eternity Productions movie stars Sarah K. Wolf, Jason Kays, Michael Mills, Courtney McAdams, Bill Symon and Tim Haag.

Myers: The Butcher of Haddonfield – USA, 2019

A short horror fan film written, photographed, edited and directed by Chris R. Notarile (Krueger: Tales from Elm StreetThe Nightmare Ends on Halloween IIMyers (Rise of the Boogeyman; et al), based on characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill. The Blink Productions movie stars John Atkins, Chris Callaway, Jeff Odachowski and Dani Scott.

The Smiling Woman – USA, 2019

Written, edited, photographed and directed by Alex Magaña. Featuring Ariel Fullinwider and Merlynda Sol.

The Vegan Zombie – USA, 2019

Meet Colin. He’s 31, he’s vegan and he’s a zombie. A documentary by Greg Ash

Featuring: Cammie Scott, Joel Dauten, Brett Maline, Joi Purvy, Noelle Urbano, Melissa Rodriguez, Kevin Brian, Stephen Simon & Rhys Mitchell.

Wandering Soul – Australia, 2019

Directed by Josh Tanner from a script by writer/producer Jade van der Lei. Stars Starring Lap Phan, Henry Vo and Cuong Nguyen

During the Vietnam War, supernatural horror is inspired by creepy, true events.

Blackwood – Australia, 2018

Written and directed by Andrew Montague (Attic). The movie stars Danielle Butlin, Rowan Howard, Jim Koutsoukos and Alanah Parkin.

The Dollmaker – USA, 2017

Directed by Al Lougher (So DarkSo Pretty) from a script written by Matias Caruso (Mayhem). The movie stars Perri Lauren, Sean Meehan and Daniel Martin Berkey.

A grieving mother latches on to a magical surrogate for her lost child. But small miracles come with big consequences…

Liz Drives – Australia, 2017

Written, co-produced and directed by Mia’ kate Russell (Maggie MayDeath by Muff). The movie stars Amy Bradney-George, Sophia Davey and Christopher Kirby.

For estranged sisters, Liz and Ellie being a family has never been easy – but there are some horrors you create yourself…

Humbug – USA,  2016

Co-produced and directed by Matt Thieson and Justin Lee from a script by Milly Sanders. The SiniSisters Productions movie stars Jessee Foundray and the aforementioned Milly Sanders.

Overtime – Australia, 2016

Directed by Craig D. Foster from a screenplay co-written with Emma McKenna. The Metro Screen production stars Aaron Glenane, Ainslie Clouston, Arka Das and Adam Dunn.

Office worker Ralph (Aaron Glenane) is trying to avoid working late as the impending full moon will cause him to transform into a werewolf

Jason vs. Michael – USA, 2015

Written and directed by Trent Duncan, the movie stars Cheyenne Hess, Ryan LeMonnier, Rebecca Rose and Shelly Gene Latane Alexin.

This is a fan-made slasher horror short film in which the two horror icons meet at a bachelorette weekend in a cabin in the woods.

Polaroid – Norway, 2015

Written and directed by Lars Klevberg (Child’s Play, 2019). The movie stars Annika Witt, Thea Sofie Loch Næss and Anne Cloetta.


Two girls are moving out after Sarah’s mother has passed away. During the house clearance, they discover an old Polaroid camera possessed by a dark past…

The positive reception that this short received at festivals led to it being optioned by Dimension Films and remade as a 2017 feature film of the same name

Hell No – USA, 2013

Directed by Joe Nicolosi from a script co-written with John Freiler.  Featuring Alex Dobrenko, Ashley Spillers and Jessie Tilton.

Imagine a realm where the most horrifying terrors of the underworld emerge to wreak bloody vengeance upon any who… hmm? What’s that? You wanna go literally anywhere else? Yeah, good idea let’s get out of here…

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