The Fury Within – Australia | USA – 1998 – review

The Fury Within is a 1998 Australian/American made-for-TV horror film directed by Noel Nosseck from a screenplay by William Bast and Paul Huson. It stars Ally Sheedy, Costas Mandylor and Jodie Dry.

The plot’s fairly straightforward. When Joanna and Mike Hanlon (Ally Sheedy and Costas Mandylor, respectively) predictably separate after experiencing the common difficulties all couples experience, bad things which appear to be supernatural in origin begin to happen to everyone within proximity to the Hanlon family.

In this joint US-Australian production shot in Queensland, there’s not much untried and new here except for the intriguing, carnal-based explanation for the unpleasant activities swirling about and causing damage.

Unfortunately, that bit of originality is pretty much left unexplored to any great extent and crammed in near the end, leaving the viewers with little more than competent acting by most – Ally Sheedy and Costas Mandylor are the standouts – bad acting by a few – the normally reliable Steve Bastoni as Doctor Stephen Johnson is prominent here – atrocious special effects coordinated by Kagari Yasuda, paper-thin cinematography by John Stokes, and tinny audio supervised by Thierry Couturier.

Nonetheless, The Fury Within is a tolerable film if one has nothing else going on and would like to check out what seems to be a leftover homage to threadbare 1980s genre filmmaking.

Ben Spurling, MOVIES & MANIA

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