Plank Face (2016) reviews and overview

‘Freedom is wild.’ Plank Face is a 2016 American horror feature film directed by Scott Schirmer (Harvest Lake; Found) from a screenplay co-written with Brian Williams. The Bandit Motion Pictures movie stars …

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Zombie A-Hole (2012) reviews and overview

‘Unstoppable… Unrelenting… Undead.’ Zombie A-Hole is a 2012 American horror feature film about a religious cowboy, a lost soul and a one-eyed grease monkey fixing to exact bloody vengeance. Written …

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Spree (2020) reviews and release news

Spree is a 2020 American dark comedy thriller about a young man that goes on a car-based live-streamed rampage to gain internet infamy. Directed By Eugene Kotlyarenko from a screenplay …

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