DEMON HOUSE (2018) Reviews and overview


‘View at your own risk’

Demon House is a 2018 American documentary horror film written, directed by and starring Zak Bagans (host of Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures). His crew, Jay Wasley and Billy Tolley, also appear, plus Father Michael Maginot, Doctor Barry Taff, and Captain Charles Austin. It was produced by Joseph Taglieri and Mike Dorsey, and co-produced by Jay Wasley.

The 111 minute film takes viewers inside the Gary, Indiana paranormal hotspot, known as “the house of 200 demons,” where former residents have reported all kinds of alleged supernatural experiences from possession to levitation.

Since The Indianapolis Star first reported the house’s alleged unusual happenings in 2014, the paranormal phenomena has been reported on USA Today, Fox News and Huffington Post.

“As mass hysteria breaks-out over an alleged demonic possession in an Indiana home, referred to as a “Portal to Hell,” “Ghost Adventures” host and paranormal investigator Zak Bagans buys the house, sight unseen, over the phone.  He and his crew then become the next victims of the most documented case of demonic possession in US history… the “house of 200 demons.”

In the United States, Demon House was released theatrically, on VOD, and Digital HD on March 16, 2018.


“Does “Demon House” work as a documentary? No. Does it fare better as a mildly freaky film? Based on how much mood is made out of appropriately eerie music and atmosphere, yes  […] Personally, I find it in poor taste at best and irresponsible at worst to focus on supernatural solutions when a high volume of homicides and crippling poverty rate are clearly at fault for destroying families in Gary and similar communities.” Culture Crypt

“It’s a masterfully created and seriously frightening account of what can happen when things just end up getting far out of control… when events occur that supersede rational human comprehension and reason. It’s one of the single most compelling documentaries on the existence of the supernatural that I’ve ever witnessed.” Dread Central

“It takes place in the middle of a suburban street. If a demonic force could anchor itself to a property and wreak havoc like it did in Gary, Indiana, what makes you think it can’t do that in your house, too? When you couple this with all the victims’ testimonials, backstories and behind-the-scenes experiences, Demon House is absolutely frightening. Chilling.” Horror Society

“Dismissing Bagans as a showman is really easy. He knows how to edit a good ghost story, he knows what works, he knows when to pull back and when to aggressively move ahead: it makes for great entertainment. Demon House isn’t going to make a believer out of anyone who isn’t already one, but it will serve as a curiosity for those following the lifelong adventure of a paranormal Ahab looking to face his demonic Moby Dick.”

“It all works because the director understands the “less is more” rule of horror movies; other than a quick glimpse of a shadow on a wall, any paranormal activity is left to the viewer’s imagination, and we all know that whatever the mind can think up is much scarier than any creature, which makes the demonic goat-man running around in some insert shots completely unnecessary.” Screen Anarchy

Filming locations:

Gary, Indiana

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