KARMA (2019) Taiwanese horror


Karma is a 2019 Taiwanese supernatural horror feature film about a spate of seemingly accidental deaths that befall a number of school students.

Directed by Wei-Heng Chung from a screenplay written by Neng-Ming Chen and Xin-Yi Su, partly based on the Final Destination franchise, the movie stars Andy Bian (Killing 7), Daniel Hiu Tung Chan (Blood Stained Shoes), Jenny Cheng, Kurt Chou, Muji Hsu, Lorene Ren and Joey Yu.


Newbie teacher Ling Shen’s first day at school coincides with a student’s accidental death at home. As Ling Shen gets dragged into one after another “accidental” brutal deaths, she begins to unveil the seemingly happy and vibrant campus.

Shen discovers the Huaqing Club, a group of attractive and intelligent elite students, was involved in the bizarre “Mobile App Serial Murders” due to a prank that went wrong several years previously. Yet the real trigger-pulling mastermind turns out to be someone Shen least expects…


Karma was released in Taiwan on 10 January 2019.


  • Andy Bian
  • Daniel Hiu Tung Chan
  • Jenny Cheng
  • Kurt Chou
  • Muji Hsu
  • Lorene Ren aka Lorene Jen
  • Joey Yu aka Lechen Yu

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