The Cave – USA, Germany, Romania, 2005 – reviews

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The Cave is a 2005 American-German-Romanian action horror feature film directed by Bruce Hunt from a screenplay written by Michael Steinberg and Tegan West. The movie stars Piper Perabo, Morris Chestnut, Cole Hauser and Lena Headey.


Decades after a rock church in the Carpathian mountains caved when an expedition caused a landslide and buried everyone, Doctor Nicolai’s scientific team exploring the associated Templar Knights monster fighting-legend discovers a deep, flooded cave system and hires the brothers Jack and Tyler’s brilliant divers team to explore it.

Another explosion traps them, after finding a mysterious parasite turning all species carnivore, and later an independently evolved predator species. Jack may be infected and turning, but Tyler sticks with him, so the group splits, hunted by the monsters, which also fly…

Reviews [click links to read more]:

“So we fast forward and everyone’s in the cave, not talking about anything important or doing anything interesting. Then the monsters show up, and the movie is still criminal in its tedium. You’d think demon cave spawn from Hell would ratchet up a movie’s chances about two notches….” CineBomb

…The Cave is not unlike, say, Alien vs. Predator or the much revered Pitch Black, full of arty shadows, arty handheld camera, arty cuts. Former second and third unit director for the Matrix movies, first-time director Bruce Hunt largely obfuscates the narrative and characters, so it’s hard to tell who’s where at any given moment.” Pop Matters

“This is one of those movies where people die in inverse order of how hot they are, which has a Darwinian element but becomes a little predictable. The Cave also introduces the parasite-taking-over-a-team-member cliche from Alien, although it never completes the thought.” San Francisco Chronicle

“The main problem is tissue-thin, clichéd characters who do little to inspire any empathy.” Mike Mayo, The Horror Show Guide

Cast and characters:

  • Cole Hauser … Jack McAllister
  • Eddie Cibrian … Tyler McAllister
  • Morris Chestnut … Top Buchanan
  • Lena Headey … Doctor Kathryn Jennings
  • Piper Perabo … Charlie
  • Rick Ravanello … Briggs
  • Daniel Dae Kim … Alex Kim
  • Kieran Darcy-Smith … Strode
  • Marcel Iures … Doctor Nicolai
  • Vlad Radescu … Doctor Bacovia
  • Simon Kunz … Mike – Caver #1
  • David Kennedy … Ian – Caver #2
  • Alin Panc … Razvan – Caver #3
  • Zoltan Butuc … Corvin – Caver #4
  • Brian Steele … Creature Performer

Technical details:

  • 97 minutes
  • DTS | Dolby Digital
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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