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‘Indescribable… Indestructible! Nothing can stop it!’
MOVIES and MANIA is different.
Our focus is primarily on cult cinema, plus selected fun mainstream releases, and we try to provide the information and reviews that give our visitors the information as to whether a movie is worth watching or passing on. We provide aggregated independent film review quotes and links, plus our own reviews and ratings. We are passionate, and relentless, and aim to be as methodical as we can be. No other website covers as many new releases as well as so many classic and obscure films. And unlike some review-based websites, we are always honest!

Surely I can look films up on the web myself?
You obviously can. However, the advantage of MOVIES and MANIA is that there is lots of information, a range of independent curated and collated review quotes and links to full reviews, trailers and teasers, and masses and masses of fantastic images relating to cult movies, in general, all in one convenient location.

Unlike some websites, our clear, concise and uncluttered layout is easy to navigate and offers one-stop convenience amidst the internet information blitz.

The vast number of entries and links means that you can find out masses of cult movie info in a few easy clicks. We’ve done most of the work for you which makes searching easier.

Anything else? 
The MOVIES and MANIA website includes over 9,700 entries, with well over 1000 of our own reviews and comments, plus masses and masses of images, trailers and teasers.

Links to curated and collated reviews (we don’t just include any reviews) of films, DVD, and Blu-ray releases from the world’s most informed reviewers – whether they be from internationally recognised movie industry publications such as Variety and The Hollywood Reporter or from savvy fans who run their own blogs – are also included for each movie posting and we constantly update and add more links.

Thus, for example, if you want to decide whether Candyman (2021) is worth watching at a movie house or waiting till it receives a home viewing release, we have aggregated 38 review quotes/links that represent a wide range of opinions. In this case, reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Not all entries have multiple review quotes/links but more and more are being added daily, for movies from both the present and the past (especially important as Blu-ray and 4K reissues now offer the best way to enjoy cult films that were often only previously available in inferior quality VHS or DVD versions).

Plus, there is a growing number of links to movies that can legitimately be watched free online via YouTube or other platforms as they are in the public domain or channels own the rights.

Unbiased coverage:
MOVIES and MANIA is truly independent: we don’t rely on PR “exclusives”, favours or advertising from film companies and distributors. We quote/link a vast number of reviews so visitors can see a common consensus from across the web. We try not to quote reviewers who are obviously and dishonestly trying to simply appease festival organisers, PR companies and/or distributors (and sadly, there are many of those). Naturally, our own honest reviews reflect our personal opinions but visitors can make their own judgement as to whether these are valid.

How often is the site updated?
New entries and updates are added every single day, often several times per day. All previous entries on the site are subject to continuous information updates – such as new written reviews and new YouTube reviews/retrospectives and release information on digital downloads, VOD, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release dates.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have something you’d like reviewed/profiled. That said, we are currently unable to review any short films – because there are 1000s and 1000s of feature films we still need to cover. We are also generally unable to promote crowdfunding projects unless a film has been completed and is seeking extra funding for post-production.

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This website is best viewed in Google Chrome. All other browsers are slower to update (retaining older versions in the cache that can take hours or even days to refresh) or in the case of Microsoft Bing and Edge, almost useless. We urge all internet users to switch to Google Chrome. If you have a different opinion, please share your thoughts/web experience via our contact form below. We welcome open discussion on all matters.

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Unlike some movie sites, we don’t post fake articles that promote online gambling sites (it’s an addiction that can ruin people’s lives) or use dumbed-down repetitious ads provided by companies such as Outbrain, Taboola or ZergNet.

How To Contact Us:
Please note, as stated above, we are currently unable to review any short films – because there are 1000s and 1000s of new and old feature films we need to cover.

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Contributors to this website:
The Arty Dans –  via The Arty Dans website and YouTube channel and Asian Film Fans
Lisa Marie Bowman – via The Horror Critic and Through the Shattered Lens websites
Charles Cassady Jr. – Contributor to the VideoHound book series, the CineBooks Motion Picture Guide, TV Guide Online, Cleveland Free Times. Author of Cleveland Ghosts: Nights of the Working Dead in the Modern Midwest; Crescent City Crimes: Old New Orleans 1718-1918; Great Lakes Folklore: Legends of the Five Sisters; Paranormal Mississippi River: An Illustrated Encyclopedia
David Flint – via The Reprobate and author of books such as Zombie Holocaust: How the Living Dead Devoured Pop Culture; co-editor of Ten Years of Terror. Has waffled on various Blu-ray commentaries with the owner of this website, e.g. The Blood of Fu Manchu; Nightbreed; The Killer Nun
David Gelmini – Film graduate with an immeasurable passion for anything related to cinema. Has also contributed to Cultured Vultures, Dread Central, Guestlist, Infinity Magazine, Scified and WhatCulture
Thomas Hutchinson – Slasher aficionado 
Rae Louise – Author of novels Metas and The Fear 
Daz Lawrence – Retired, dabbles in PR and promotes obscure music
Jim Morazzini – Owns and edits Voices from the Balcony website
Kim Newman – Author of numerous novels and film guides, film critic and historian. Visit Kim’s website here
John Llewellyn Probert House of Mortal Cinema website and author of novels The Catacombs of Fear; The Nine Deaths of Doctor Valentine; Against The Darkness; The Faculty of Terror; et al
MJ Simpson – Author of 21st Century British Horror Films, Volume 1: Dog Soldiers and Doghouses and Urban Terrors: New British Horror Cinema 1997-2008
Ben Spurling – Retired, now devours popular culture and unhealthy food
Stephen Thrower – Author of Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio FulciNightmare USA; Murderous Passions: The Delirious Cinema of Jesus Franco. Creates loads of info-packed and entertaining Blu-ray audio commentaries.

Plus the following contributors: Mark Ashworth, Nicolas BarbanoJonathan CasbardKevin GrantWill HollandDave Jackson, Dave King, Martin Langford, Gavin Whitaker

Audio commentaries:
Since 2019, the owner and editor of this website, Adrian J Smith, and MOVIES and MANIA contributor David Flint (The Reprobate), have been providing informative and entertaining movie audio commentaries for a growing number of disc releases. We really enjoy this and in 2023 we’re now more and more in demand. Read reviews of our audio commentaries here

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