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MOVIES & MANIA is the handy way of exploring the world of horror, thrillers, sci-fi and fantasy culture via the internet. No other website covers as many new releases as well as so many classic and obscure films. We are passionate, relentless, and aim to be as methodical as we can be.

Hey! Wasn’t this website called something else before? Horror… pedia?

Indeed it was but everything changes and we felt that having the word ‘horror’ in our name was simply too restrictive. We had already started to cover a wider range of genres anyway and didn’t want to confuse people. So, we went for MOVIES (cos we love movies) and MANIA to cover anything and everything else that we’re passionate about. With no announcement, no fuss and no fanfare, we suddenly changed the URL on July 17th 2019. No looking back. We’re moving forward!

Aside from movies, we also post entertainment and information-based entries relating to:

Surely I can look things up on the web myself?

You obviously can. However, the advantage of MOVIES & MANIA is that there is lots of information, a range of aggregated review quotes and links to full reviews, trailers and teasers, and masses and masses of fantastic images relating to horror, sci-fi, and cult movies all in one convenient location.

The site offers clear and uncluttered layout (important, as more and more of us choose to access the web via our mobile phone or a tablet device) and offers convenience amidst the internet information blitz. In fact, the clarity of MOVIES & MANIA is why Google has chosen to develop a singular project to present our site to a wider audience.

The vast number of entries and links means that you can find out about lots more dark fantasy culture in a few easy clicks. We’ve done lots of the work for you which makes searching easier.

Anything else? 

MOVIES & MANIA includes a growing number of our own reviews, masses and masses of images, trailers and teasers, plus links to a growing number of movies that can be watched free online (currently over 580).

Links to aggregated reviews of films, DVD, and Blu-ray releases from the world’s most informed reviewers (whether they be from internationally recognised publications such as Variety or from savvy fans who run their own blogs) are also included for each movie posting and we constantly update and add more links.

Thus, for example, if you want to look up whether Pet Sematary (2019) is worth watching at a movie house or wait till it receives a home video release, we have aggregated over 30 review quotes/links that represent a wide range of opinions. In this case, reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Not all entries have multiple review quotes/links but more and more are being added daily, for movies from both the present and the past (especially important as Blu-ray and 4K reissues now offer the best way to enjoy dark fantasy films that were often only previously available in inferior quality VHS or DVD versions).

How often is the site updated?

New entries and updates are usually added every single day, often several times per day. All previous entries on MOVIES & MANIA are subject to continuous information updates – such as newly written and YouTube reviews, and information on digital downloads, DVD, Blu-ray and 4K release dates.

How can I interact with the site to make it even better?

The easiest way is to make a comment on any post or page. You can remain anonymous if you wish. Obviously, all comments are moderated to avoid abusive or offensive remarks and spam.

Or suggest additions or corrections to MOVIES & MANIA and help us to make it the most useful source of info about horror films on the web via:


Please feel free to get in touch if you have something you’d like reviewed/profiled. That said, we are currently unable to review any short films – because there are still 1000s of features we still need to cover – or promote crowdfunding projects. Hopefully, in future, when time permits we can begin to cover these again.

Contributors to this site include:

Plus: Nicolas Barbano, Jonathan Casbard, Kevin Grant, Will Holland, Dave Jackson, Kirin Johnson, Dave King, Martin Langford, Dries Vermeulen, Gavin Whitaker

The fantastic horror icons image on the front of the site is by Chris Labrenz – we salute you, sir!

If you’d like to contribute to this website feel free to get in touch via mondozilla@gmail.com – unlike some other sites we don’t want you to complete an application form, just get in touch and include examples of anything you have written! We don’t bite… much.

NB. Unlike some other leading horror sites, we also don’t accept product-placement articles, especially those paid for by cigarette manufacturers or gambling companies. This is underhanded exploitation that is widely rejected by most serious websites. Real-life is horror enough but cancer and gambling addiction really ruin people’s lives.

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23 Comments on “About”

  1. A puzzling decision, there are enough general movie sites out there already and this was the one horror movie site I’d bookmarked due to its striving for comprehensiveness. I could understand a move that includes the other fantastical genres like science fiction and fantasy, but a comedy like “In Bruges” ? I’m afraid you’ve lost me….

    1. We don’t generally approve comments from anonymous commentators but you have raised an interesting point. Our recent decision to ditch the name HORRORPEDIA and to go for a new non-genre specific URL arose from our frustration with the limits of the horror genre (though it must be said we have covered some sci-fi, thriller, comedy films and even Westerns in the past). Since the site was launched back in 2012 we have covered pretty much every significant (and many, many insignificant ones) horror movie released in the past seven years, plus 1000s from the past (the “comprehensiveness” you mention). Yet, there is a point where we simply don’t want to be posting up movies that are worthless and of little interest even to horror fans, simply because of their genre. As an example, we were recently requested to add a comedy horror anthology film by its director (there’s no need to mention its title here) and despite the fact we felt it has little merit, we duly posted it because we appreciated the personal approach. It has since garnered just 41 hits, many of which may have been via the director and his friends and/or family. Clearly, we can’t continue to just post every horror movie ever made merely for “comprehensiveness” and it had also come to a point when we wanted to cover cult movies in general. Films that do have merit, whatever their genre. In Bruges is such a film. I re-watched it last night and whilst being very amusing it also raises some deeper moral issues about the use of violence. Just as many horror movies do. We have recently covered a number of thrillers and action movies too. I’m not a fan of Stallone’s Rambo movies but it’s interesting to note that horror sites have covered his output merely due to the ultraviolence, and the same goes for the John Wick flicks (which we do enjoy and will also be covering). Essentially, MOVIES & MANIA will be covering cult cinema in general, but with a heavy dose of horror. If we lose some hardcore horror followers that is a shame but we will also gain a wider audience and the change in focus has already made running the site more enjoyable and worthwhile. Life is too short to make rules and adhere to them rigidly. Sometimes it’s fun to shake things up a bit more and be open-minded. That said, it’s worth meekly adding that if there is a huge backlash against non-horror content and a resultant lack of clicks on titles that are outside the genre, we may will reconsider our change of approach. Time will tell. Being brave and changing direction in life can be really scary. Yikes. One thing we can say for sure, is that we are largely dropping coverage of TV series, horror or otherwise, because after the initial flurry of interest there is always a massive drop in hits and virtually no interest once a series is no longer being shown. If people aren’t interested in series we’d prefer to cover more films, of any genre. Hence, the name MOVIES & MANIA. Thanks for the feedback, anonymous. Feel free to provide more but be brave and use your name.

  2. What happened to cause you to change the name of the site? I did not know it was happening and almost deleted the update emails! He hee

    1. For some time now we have wanted to cover a wider spectrum of movies and other media so the name HORRORPEDIA was becoming to restrictive. Under the MOVIES & MANIA banner we’ll continue to cover LOTS of horror but also many other film genres such as action, exploitation, thrillers and definitely more sci-fi. Plus, the ‘mania’ involves music, games, toys and all manner of fun stuff that entertains or intrigues us.

      1. Oh ok. I thought the site was going to start covering bad dramas and offensive comedies now and no horror or sci fi! Yes well then as long as the site stay good then cool.

        1. We aim to please and feel to provide any feedback on what we cover in the comments below each post. Thanks! Adrian

  3. Do you have a page that identifies everyone in your main image atop your site? I have 95% of them, but a few of them have me guessing. thanks!

    1. Hi, sorry we don’t have a handy list at the moment. But we’ll get onto it and post a checklist asap. Maybe send your 95% over in a follow-up comment then we can see if we can nail the 5%

  4. Hello! Your listing for CATSKILL PARK directed by Vlad Yudin — it is not a 2012 film. It is a 2018 film… Please update!

    1. Reviewer Jim Morazzini of Voices from the Balcony states: “This isn’t a new film, it bears a 2012 copyright date and was apparently held up do to unspecified issues. While it doesn’t really affect the plot it does explain some of the seemingly odd fashion and music choices we see in the film.” So, we went with 2012. Films can often be released several years after they were made. We try to go with the most accurate date of production, rather than release. If anyone can shed light on the actual production date please let us know.

    1. If you have made a comment via Vuukle then it should be there. Comments made via WordPress are disabled because we have switched to the auto moderated Vuukle system because it’s more interactive and I don’t have to delete all the spam comments

  5. Do you know who owns the rights to Torso now? I’m seeking a contact to ask permission to use a poster in a new feature film.

  6. Hi Mondozilla,

    My name is Anuj Agarwal. I’m Founder of Feedspot.

    I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Horrorpedia has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 50 Horror Movie Blogs on the web.


    I personally give you a high-five and want to thank you for your contribution to this world. This is the most comprehensive list of Top 50 Horror Movie Blogs on the internet and I’m honored to have you as part of this!

    Also, you have the honor of displaying the badge on your blog.


  7. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your positive feedback.

    We’re an information site and so include links to buy DVDs from Amazon affiliates only. If you’re looking for particular hard-to-get movies I’d suggest you try eBay or Amazon resellers, for sold out discs.


  8. I love your site. Being a published horror writer, I would like to contribute articles to your site on all aspects of the genre. How do I do this, and am I permitted to include the url of my website in my posts?

  9. I think your website is fantastic and a wonderful resource for all Horror fans. I also admire all the work that is done by your team of dedicated enthusiasts. Carry on the good work and my mouse is always just a click away.

    P.S. if it is okay with you and yours I would like to save a Horrorpedia link to my diary to co-inside with the films I have watched and remembered.

    Many thanks for the excellent website.

    Rob Holmes

      1. G’day mondozilla, how are you? New to the site, and I think it’s great. I have a question for you. Do you carry/sell DVD’s? I don’t seem to see any mention about it. If you don’t, you should. lol. I find that a lot of these type of movies are rather hard to find.

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