TURISTAS aka PARADISE LOST (2006) Reviews and overview


Turistas (Portuguese and Spanish for “Tourists“) is a 2006 American horror feature film directed and produced by John Stockwell. The movie stars Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, Olivia Wilde.

The plot focuses on a group of backpackers in Brazil who find themselves in the clutches of an underground organ harvesting ring.In some regions of the world, such as France, the Republic of Ireland, Malta and the UK, the film has been released under the alternative title Paradise Lost.


Three young American tourists, Alex (Josh Duhamel), his sister Bea (Olivia Wilde) and a friend Amy (Beau Garrett), backpacking in Brazil, decide to go by bus and visit portions of the country instead of flying directly to the Northeastern beaches they wish to visit. After a bus crash leaves all the passengers stranded, they are joined by two English men, Finn (Desmond Askew) and Liam (Max Brown) and an Australian woman, Pru (Melissa George), who is fluent in Portuguese.

The group decide to head to a local beach to kill time, where they find a cabana bar and several other tourists and locals partying. After swimming and spending the day on the beach, they are served drugged drinks and pass out.

The next morning, they awaken on the deserted beach, robbed of luggage, money, and documents. Looking for help in the nearby village, they encounter conflict with locals as they see some of their belongings worn or lying around. Offering help, Kiko (Agles Steib), a local who speaks some English, volunteers to take them to an isolated cabin in the forest, where they can wait for help.

In a long walk through the wilderness, Kiko shows them a “secret place”, a cave beneath a waterfall, but, taking a bad dive into the river, Kiko hits the rocky bottom, and is rendered unconscious and begins bleeding profusely from a cut in his head. Proceeding to the cabin in the jungle, they find food, clothes, and prescription drugs in a number of different names and a drawer filled with other people’s passports. They manage to seal Kiko’s wound and hesitantly spend the night at the cabin…

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