Inbred – UK, 2011 – reviews

‘They came in peace. They left in pieces.’

Inbred is a 2011 British-German comedy horror feature film directed by Alex Chandon (Drill Bit) from a screenplay co-written by Paul Shrimpton.


Youth offenders sentenced to community service with their supervisors are taken out into the countryside to a remote Yorkshire village.

After a minor incident with some inbred kids occurs, the group are soon hunted by the grotesquely evil townspeople in a nightmarish fight for survival…


Alex Chandon’s first film for ten years is a gory, gloopy post-pub treat. Its nasty zeal enables it to transcend the usual comedy horror limitations as it becomes a demented Straw Dogs homage. It stops rather than ends but the journey along the way is peppered with enough bad taste and general loopy behaviour to make it well worth your while.

Will Holland, MOVIES & MANIA


Other reviews:

Awfully mean-spirited and often sickeningly gory, I would normally never recommend the likes of Inbred. But the technical virtues of filmmaking on display here, coupled with a roster of well-played incredible characters, go far in redeeming the film. So if you have the stomach for it I do urge you to check this out. Call it cautiously recommended…” Ard Vijn, Screen Anarchy

“The warped variety show the kids stumble into – with its trouser-less organist “Clayderman” and grim forms of 3D entertainment – owes too much to Python, The League of Gentlemen and Channel 4’s late-night gem Focus North; co-writer/director Alex Chandon may also be the first person since That’s Life!‘s Doc Cox to find phallus-shaped carrots so funny.” Mike McCahill, The Guardian

Cast and characters:

  • Jo Hartley as Kate
  • Seamus O’Neill as Jim
  • James Doherty as Jeff
  • James Burrows as Tim
  • Neil Leiper as Gris
  • Chris Waller as Dwight
  • Nadine Rose Mulkerrin as Sam
  • Terry Haywood as Zeb
  • Damien Lloyd-Davies as Rats
  • Derek Melling as Greg
  • Mark Rathbone as Ron
  • Dominic Brunt as Podge – Attack of the Killer Babies
  • Emily Booth as June
  • Simon Coomes as Toby

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