GHOST TOWN (2009) Overview



Ghost Town is a 2009 made-for-television film written by Andy Briggs and directed by Todor Chapkanov. The movie stars Jessica Rose, Randy Wayne, Gil Gerard and Billy Drago.

In the old West, a gang of outlaws led by Red Halland (Billy Drago) have become a Satanic cult. They kill a preacher (Gil Gerard) who tries to protect the town of Hope Springs with a Wiccan totem. They then massacre the population of the remote town before committing ritual suicide in the form of a pentagram.

In the present day, a busload of college students, comprised of a debating team and a hockey team, become stranded in the abandoned ‘ghost’ town, only to find the spirits of the bandits are still haunting the place.

One by one, the teachers and their pupils are killed in various grisly ways including hanging, burial alive and vomiting diesel oil. Having figured out that every thirteen years on Friday the 13th, the supernatural apparitions are unleashed, the remaining terrified teens are forced to fight for their lives or become victims of the ghostly gunslingers…

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