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‘Killer vixens vs. the creature from the deep’

Monstro! – aka El Monstro del Mar  is a 2010 Australian horror comedy written and directed by Stuart Simpson.

Three attractive female killers – Beretta, Blondie, and Snowball – hole up in a small beachside community after their murderous actions attract the attention of the authorities.

However, not all is as it seems in this small town. A few of the locals try desperately to warn them of the dangers of going into the water, but these rebellious young women don’t heed their advice and brazenly take to the sea. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to them, their seaside frolic has awakened a monster, the supposedly mythical Kraken


The monster here is suitably cheesy and outrageous – it’s like the less impressive offspring of The Deadly Spawn, with each tentacle having its own mouth and the main beastie being a tooth-filled horror.

Unfortunately, it takes a hell of a time to turn up, and very little happens in the middle of the film. Apparently, Monstro! started out as a 45 minute short before being expanded to feature length, and I imagine that shorn of 30 minutes of padding, this could be a fast-paced, entertaining slice of retro schlock. The slow bits are very slow though, and no amount of hallucinatory flashbacks and bad trips can really disguise that.

David Flint, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:

“People who appreciate the work of directors like Roger Corman and Russ Meyer are going to have a fun time with Stuart Simpson’s movie. It’s a retro/rockabilly bloodbath with a banging soundtrack, babes covered in tattoos, and a perfect balance of effective gore and cheesy hand-puppet monsters.” B Movie Film Vault review


“I’m a sucker for 60′s soul and there’s plenty to go around as well as a healthy dose of grungy rock, surf music and rockabilly. It’s a strong mix that is complemented by an effectively Morricone-like score from Fabian Pisani. The music, added to the burlesque elements and Meyer-inspired visual flair give Monstro! a dirty, sexy vibe that is infectious and helps it rise above the usual horror cheapies.” Blueprint

monstro el monstro del mar


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