COLD PREY (2006) Reviews and overview



Cold Prey – original title: Fritt Vilt, translation: “Open Season” – is a 2006 Norwegian slasher horror film, directed by Roar Uthaug from a screenplay written by Thomas Moldestad.

The film premiered in Norway on October 13, 2006 and received mostly positive reviews and was hailed as one of the best modern Norwegian horror movies.



Following a gruesome accident, five friends’ idyllic snowboarding expedition to the Jotunheimen mountains takes a turn for the eerie when they are forced to take shelter from a ravaging storm in an abandoned ski lodge.

Empty and silent, the cavernous lodge seems deserted, however there are secrets there. These secrets are long buried, thought forgotten and very, very dangerous. Before the night is out, those who survive will have discovered the true meaning of terror and looked into the very face of evil…

Cold Prey 3

In 2007, the movie had grossed over 14 million dollars.

The sequel Cold Prey 2 under the direction of Mats Stenberg was released in 2008. The prequel, called Cold Prey 3, was filmed in 2010.

Cold Prey 1


“As a pure slasher movie, Cold Prey is strong on jumps and jolts, with an evocative music score and neat use of the widescreen frame adding to the overall effectiveness. Uthaug knows how to get his audience expecting the axe-wielding killer to loom suddenly from the edges and shadows of the screen.” Horror Review

Cold Prey is a solid entry into the crowded slasher genre, and while it doesn’t bring anything new, it does everything well. The cinematography is impressive with both beautifully shot mountain vistas and tight, claustrophobic interiors.  It’s bloody at times, but lacks any worthwhile gore.” Film School Rejects

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