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Outpost: Black Sun – aka Outpost II: Black Sun – is a 2012 British zombie war/horror film directed by Steve Barker and starring Richard Coyle (Grabbers), Clive Russell, and Michael Byrne. It is a sequel to 2007’s Outpost.



Discovering that NATO forces are facing a seemingly invincible army in Eastern Europe, investigator Lena (Catherine Steadman) sets out to discover if the rise of an army of zombie stormtroopers can be linked to wartime experiments of notorious Third Reich scientist Klausener (David Gant).

Linking up with scientist Wallace (Richard Coyle), the pair journey deep into enemy territory, teaming up with a Special Forces unit on a search and destroy mission to prevent the German army from rising once more…


A second sequel, Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz, followed in 2013.



“Daft technobabble aside, this is remarkably enjoyable for a movie where you can neither see nor work out what’s going on. Wadham returns as the first film’s protagonist in the inexplicable finale, blasting lightning bolts like Emperor Palpatine.” MJ Simpson, 21st Century British Horror Films, Volume 2: White Settlers and Women in Black, 2021

“Barker does a solid job in the director’s chair, channelling early John Carpenter atmospherics and pleasingly eschewing anything too over the top or daft. Indeed, the film’s greatest strength is its down to earth approach, the horror and science fiction elements gelling neatly, and Barker never going for the obvious splatter gags or humour usually associated with the always popular Nazi zombie subgenre.” James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

“Considering it’s modest budget of just under £3,000,000, the production value is outstanding. However, due to the movie’s sci-fi elements, there’s not quite enough there to save the third act from coming across as slightly cheesy. The last twenty minutes or so, though entertaining to say the least, wanders into B-Movie territory and kind of tarnishes the finished product.” Horror-Movies.ca


“It sadly skimps on the horror, the results being a flick that should be considered more of a decent action romp than a zombie flick, which was a bit of a bummer for this horror fan who was looking for a bit of both here. That’s not to say that Outpost II: Black Sun is completely skippable either; it’s just probably a movie that’s better enjoyed when you go into it with your expectations in check.” Dread Central

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“Filmmakers who work in cheesy B-horror take note: If your movie’s material sounds ridiculous at the offset, play it up and don’t take yourself too seriously. If you do, you might end up with Outpost: Black Sun, a joyless movie that isn’t even graphic enough to satisfy gorehounds.” Bloody Disgusting

Outpost: Black Sun is an admirable effort from a low budget, independent production team, but ultimately it will be forgotten much more quickly than its predecessor.” Not Another Sequel…



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